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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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5 minute repeats

  • When: 5/1/21
  • QIC: Clover
  • The PAX: toughskins, bluecrush, 3rd day, Silas, Swiss Miss, Hot Corner, Pantene / Joe Ayers, Sanctions thebody Delta @starbucks

This mornings Q was a bit of a surprise as IDK decided to enjoy his prom night and thought it would best to have YHC lead so he could sleep in after a big night of dancing and whatever else happens at prom these days.

We started as always when Pantene arrived.  We had a pretty lame disclaimer and moseyed to the monument circle for warm ups.

SSH, Penny Pickers, Slow Windmills for us old guys, and arm circles.

The Thang:

Very simple workout this morning.  5 minute intervals.  We did 8 burpees, 16 WWIIs, 24 squats, 32 double count Flutters, then ran until total of 5 min elapses and repeat 11 times.

We gathers 3 FNGs along the way. 2 guys and (gasp) a woman.

We finished with the Body’s favorite exercise and of coarse he lost count and had to start over so we ran a few minutes late.

Announcements: Hike this afternoon led by Sanctions. Thanks for putting this together.

Toughskins brought us out with a great prayer.

Always an honor to lead!


Dave Walton

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