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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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Just a bit late….

  • When: 4/23/21
  • QIC: Fire Chicken
  • The PAX: Big Country, Squid, The Burgh, Risky Business, Gunny, & Rawhide

7 men got her done on a chilly Friday morning…..0530 and we were off.

After about 5 minutes of running, with no Warm-up in sight, the youngin’ said he thought run day was on monday…oh kids these days.  Continued mosey over to village park for the following:

Concession Stand: 5 broad jumps x 2…mosey to
Train Station: 15 Freddy merks IC…mosey to
Merry-go-round: 20 Dips…mosey to
Corner near splash pad: 15 hand-release(later modified to regular merks)…mosey to
Playground: 5 pull-ups….

Rinse and repeat stopping at each station coming and going until Mary…mary called at approx 0607 for the mosey back to AO.

No time for Mary.

COP…unfortunately I’ve let too many days lapse and can’t recall but thanks are always given for HIS Grace and Mercy

ALL, and I do mean ALL attended coffee…yes, that means Hell froze over and Rawhide attended….WOO-HOO!!!

Fire Chicken

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