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F3 MeCa | May 11, 2021

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No Rocket, but we got a Chopper

  • When: 04/26/21
  • QIC: Honey Do
  • The PAX: Porto, Uecker, MASH, Timeout, Honey Do

5 men came out for what has been billed as the best workout of the week. YHC announced it was birthday week and everyone should come out. Perhaps the fact that we wouldn’t live up to the hype of the Rocket flyover kept more away, but then again, we got to see a Chopper fly over, so all is not lost…ok, maybe it was underwhelming, but 4 studs joined me to kick the week of right.

4 of us hauled our weight to the courtyard to get started and were promptly joined by Porto, literally riding in on 2 wheels.

SSH x 17 IC
Windmill x10 IC
Arm Circles
IST x10

The main event:
In honor of this being my last kettlebells at 34, 34 reps of everything… broken into 2 sets of 17 reps with a jog around the courtyard between sets.

Rnd 1:
– Swings
– Lunges
– Merkins
– Overhead Press

Rnd 2:
– Thrusters
– Curls
– Tricep Extensions
– Calf Raises

Rnd 3:
– Burpees
– Chest Press
– Skull Crushers

Rnd 4:
– Step Ups
– Lawnmowers
– Side Lunges
– Outhouse Curls

Running out of time, so cut it there and do some Mary:

LBC x17 IC
RBC (Timeout)
Low Flutter (Porto)

Awesome job this morning fellas. MASH was killing it, thinking he might start liking this more than running, was locked in on his counting, making sure to get every rep in. Much to Uecker and Porto’s dismay, you can do Burpees at Kettlebells. Don’t want to do them, you Q then. At least I let you lay down for the rest of the excercises that round. Timeout is making a way towards bumping up to a 30 pound weight, or was until today. Progress was made, and he’s getting stronger.

A lot of no quit, a lot of mumble chatter, and a lot of fun. This is apparently the second week in a row that the respects out numbered the younger guys, what’s happening young guys, where you at?

Looking forward to being back at the helm later in the week to celebrate 35.

Prayers for the Myrtle Beach Marathoners and Timeout’s family.

Until next time!


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