Not Your M.A.M.A.’s 11s

YHC had something special in mind for the last Last Call workout of April. It was going to be fun; it was going to be different; Some of the men might hate it. But, plans changed when YHC received a (semi)drunk dial from some Fire Pit Friday pax advising of a hard-charging FNG en route.

So, an audible was made and as YHC left the house to head to the AO, I said a little prayer to the Q Gods for one thing: let the gate (somewhere) to Mallard Creek High School’s beautiful football field be open. I checked the usual open and no dice. But, a quick check on the side found the opening I wanted. Beatdown plan cemented, and off I went to greet the pax waiting in the parking lot.

As most of us (but not all, because we had some stragglers) gathered, YHC gave a disclaimer, welcomed FNG Dan, and called for a mosey not to our usual couple of spots, but instead a ways away.

Down the road we went to the entrance by the baseball field, where we circled up for…

Warmarama (IC)

  • SSH x19
  • Windmill x10
  • Mountain Climber x15
  • Weed Picker x10
  • IST x15

We then moseyed through the aforementioned open gate to the field, where YHC gave instructions for…

The Thang

We’d be doing split sets of 11s, using the bleachers. At the bottom of the home side, you’d do 10 merkins before running up and doing 1 air squat. From there, you’d head across the field to the away stands for 10 V-ups at the bottom and a Carolina Dry Dock at the top. Head back across for 9-2, etc., and repeato until done.

Slight audible was made when the away stands were closed, so we used a hill along the side and eventually eliminated the diagonal run for one straight across the field.

Once done, plank at the center of the field.

Gather at the 40 facing the North end zone for a 40-yard dash.

Gather along the goal line facing the field for some standard M.A.M.A. Run to the 10, do 10 merkins, and run back to the goal line. Repeat to the 20 with air squats and back, the 30 with merkins and back, and finally the 40 with air squats and back.

@mandown wanted to use the track, so we did. We gathered in three groups (53+, 40-52, >40) for 200-meter sprints back to the gate.

From there, mosey back to mary, remembering to pick-up the six.

Mary (IC)

  • @poutine low flutter x20
  • Pretzel Crunch x15 (each side)
  • The W x12
  • Mason Twist x10
  • Recover, recover




  • Great work today men. Always fun to get onto the field and change things up a pit.
  • Conspicuously absent this morning was @barrister, despite his being present on the aforementioned (semi)drunk dial from Friday night.
  • Welcome to FNG Dan, now known in The Gloom as @punchlist! He is @glock’s nephew and we all knew we were in trouble when he got out of his truck and his arm was bigger than some of the other Pax’s thighs.
  • Highlands anniversary convergence is coming up. May 8th at Mallard Creek Park. @chowder and @murdock on the co-Q. We will most likely be doing a food drive to go alongside of it. @poutine will provide more details.