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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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Check your spare

  • When: 04/23/2021
  • QIC: talladega
  • The PAX: Uecker, kojak, buck, turbine, hop hunter, sausage, loveboat, ss Minnow, mash, Dr Seuss, yellowcake, Habs, Porto, bravo

14 other heroes met YHC this morning for some beatdown excitement.   My usual plan is to keep us moving for 45 minutes so 530 hit, disclaimer given, let’s mosey.

Off to the parking lot circle for warmup.   A little motivator was the idea- 10 to 1 count of SSH, then SSH with arms up to horizontal only, then SSH with legs only, then hop only.  Along the way YHC forgot how to count, forgot which motion was next, basically jacked up the process more than once.   We powered through though and I could tell by the sounds and looks that everyone really enjoyed it.  Uggghhhh

To the courtyard for the main event.  Cue the music, but for whatever reason the volume wasn’t very loud- bummer.  Whatever, just exercise and keep moving.

12 diamonds = 12 exercises, 10 reps each.  After each exercise,  run to the center and do 1 burpee, then back out for the next exercise.

  • Lap
  • Squats
  • WWII
  • CDD
  • IST
  • Low flutter
  • Lunges
  • Hand release merkins
  • Plank jacks
  • Staggered merkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Table tops

For second round,  do 2 burpees.  For third round, do 3 burpees.  Keep going for as many rounds as you can do.

Along the way we saw the space launch which was totally awesome.   That’s the benefit of being up early and outside- never know what you’ll see (or hear) before 6am

Head off to Mary about 605. A few exercises weren’t typical Mary but so what,  just what we do. I forget the order but you’d never know unless you were there.

  • Squats x10 ic
  • Hand release merkins x10 oyo
  • WWII x10 oyo
  • Low flutter x10 ic
  • Table tops x10 ic
  • Low dolly x10 ic
  • Box cutters x10 ic
  • Pretzel stick, x10 ic each side
  • Plank
  • Maybe something else but the memory fades, might not matter any way

615, recover recover


Prayers, announcements

  • Big Blue’s M
  • Hokie Pokie’s 2.0
  • JM Robinson band, Pearl Harbor trip



A lot of push and effort today, all starting with the motivator.   Even though I jacked up the count, I enjoy the ‘feedback’ I get from this exercise.  If you get tired from this one, just look at it like you have room to grow.  Keep growing.

Then with the main event, the classic example of you vs you.  You do what you want and go as hard as you want.  The person who benefits is in the mirror- don’t sell yourself short!  I only wish the music was louder.   You guys really missed hearing the key-tair rhythms and guitar solo in Maniac by Michael Sembello.

Now for the short version of my life lesson- check your spare.  I was driving home yesterday and heard a pop.  Didn’t see anything in the road and blew it off.  The truck steering flat a little weird though and sure enough, as I pulled into the garage I knew I had a flat right front tire.  Bummer because these tires are only a couple months old.  BUT, what better place to change a tire than at home!  Took off the tire, dropped the spare (original spare that is 24 yes old), problem solved.  Except that the spare had no air.  So get the compressor and add air and NOW, problem solved.  Here’s the deal- we’re all going to face obstacles in life. We have to be prepared and fix the issue best when can and move on.  Then what do we do when even that doesn’t work?  We don’t quit, we keep moving, we solve the problem best we can.  Just like I was prepared with a spare, it did me no good without the air.  My first attempt at a solution wasn’t good enough.  Guys- whether it’s the suck we face during a workout, a flat tire and spare with no air, or a real challenge in life,  the point is to not stop, to not quit, to keep trying and moving forward.   You guys do this everyday so keep it up.  Be an example for others, walk beside a brother who’s dealing with the suck, and together we will get through it.


  • Peace out homeys

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