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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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Brighton Early Sprint Team Try Outs

  • When: 04/20/21
  • QIC: Sanctions
  • The PAX: toughskins, Gopher, headnshoulders, Mogwai, bluecrush, Othello, Booyah, Big League Chew, starbucks, Sanctions


Lousy disclaimer given promptly at 5:30am.  And we’re off for a quick mosey to the other side of the parking lot near Wendy’s.

Q leads PAX around parking lot/building area to establish make shift track. Everyone lines up in a single file line.  Crazy a$% reverse Indian Run begins.  The entire line runs clockwise together in a group.  The first person in line takes off in a sprint until he catches the end of the line.  Then the next person in line does the same until the entire line works itself back around into starting position.  We completed two rounds of this (launched in teams of 2 for second round).

Using the straightaway now, PAX form a single file line again (same order).  This time, the group runs together from Wendy’s to dead-end barriers (diamonds) and back while first person in line drops to the ground and does 10 LBC’s.  That person then sprints back to the line of PAX and next person drops for 10 LBC’s.  Rinse and repeat until entire line works itself back into starting position.  We completed two rounds of this.

Mosey back to Q Site (HT Parking Lot) and circle up for some Mary Mary Quite Contrary…

COT:  Counts – Names – Announcements – Prayers

Announcement #1 – Remember “3rd F” of the week ‘Focus’

Announcement #2 – “2nd F” hike at Morrow Mountain State Park this Saturday at noon.  However, the weather forecast is now calling for heavy rains of up to 1″ or more for the immediate area so this may need to be rescheduled.  Stay tuned will make final call Friday afternoon.  If postponed, we can certainly still meet up at noon to drink a couple of beers at P64 and stay nice and dry indoors.  F3 likes P64!

Prayer #1 – Keep RockyTop in your prayers for work related challenges



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