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F3 MeCa | May 11, 2021

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Having Some Fun With a Tire

  • When: 04/09/21
  • QIC: Sparkplug
  • The PAX: FNG, Delta, Epsilon, Hot Corner, Mogwai, Chum, Toughskins, Starbucks, Man Bun

Chum and I arrive and 5:15 and we see Mogwai taking off for his pre-run. We unload the tire from the bed of the truck and debate how we will attach the chain to it. We finally settle on something and I drag it over beside the bleachers by the baseball field. I drag it around a bit trying to test it out and set my distance for the drag. After I finish that I go to the circle and give the worst disclaimer you could have given. I take the group on a short jog around the black top and the parking lot and come back to pick up our weights. I think some of the pax were counting on using Othello’s baby weight because we had 3 or 4 guys show up without a weight. I split the group into 4 groups and we mosey on over to the cones that Chum had set up around the parking lot and I explain the BD once or twice before everyone understood.

The Beatdown:

4 stations:

Station 1: Bicep Curls

Station 2: Triceps Extensions

Station 3: Squats

Station 4: You hold your wait straight out for the duration of the timer. (Some pax had to substitute this with moracin nightclubs, me included)

Timer: Drag the tire from cone A to cone B and back, then the next person in your group does this and so on until  everyone in the group has done it once.

Once the group at Station 1 (Timer group) has finished the timer everyone rotates to the next group. The new group at Station 1 becomes the next timer group. Repeat this until every group has done each station.

About halfway through the first round of the Beatdown Delta reminds me that there should be music, I said that it was first come first serve but apparently wasn’t clear that it was BYOS. (Bring Your Own Speaker)

We are able to get through the Beatdown twice before 6:15. We finish by circling up and praying.

Announcements: Shuckman Shindig Saturday night at 5:00 pm. 8427 Aspen Court 28227

Prayer Requests: Othello’s family, Chums family and The Body

Caleb Koehler

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