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F3 MeCa | April 15, 2021

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F3Kannon – Tuesday Weightday

  • When: 04/06/21
  • QIC: Cupid
  • The PAX: Gunny, Loafer, Backdraft, GrandMaster, MontyPython (better-late-than-never)

Four respects and a wannabe decided to shuck the sheets and beat the dawn with their wings,
and weights.
Its Tuesday Weightday at Kannon which means bring something to work out with.

Plank Jacks 15X
Hillbillies 15X

5 stations:
1)Curls/Inverse Crunch
2)UprightRow/Wall W’s
3)1-Arm MilPress/Goblet Squats
5)Lateral Pullovers/Calve Raisese (on raised platform)

Timer: Odd man out who has to quadrophilia (back pedal) ramp up to 2nd level with weight then return down stairs.

Rotate until time is called.

She never showed.

Excellent temps.
Minimal squabbling
Minimal VOCs
Ideally, with 5 stations you need a sixth man to be the timer, but in our case, each took their turn timing and returning to where the left off (or thereabouts).
Late arrival by MontyPython who overslept, but posted anyway even though the pain bus left the station, and ran instead. Always good to see a friendly face at that time of morning.

Faithfully Submitted,

  • On April 6, 2021

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