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F3 MeCa | April 19, 2021

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Peoples Q

  • When: 04/03/21
  • QIC: Othello
  • The PAX: Bluecrush, Third Day, Hot Corner, Silas, Clover, IDK, Delta, Epsilon, The Body, Pantene, Big Tuna, BLC

YHC posted that today will be a “Peoples Q”.  Why? Just because, no particular reason than to mix it up a bit and to give our newer Pax a chance to practice in front of their peers.  A good time was had by all and is described below.

0600 –  BLC and Big Tuna take off for their respective run/ruck
0650 – YHC arrives to find a few Pax are here
0655 – More pax show up until we have a bakers dozen
0700 – YHC gives a lousy disclaimer.  We will open up the Q spot every 10 minutes for someone to take.

The Thang (10 min)
Mosey to the Memorial and circle up for a little Warm-O-Rama
Decline Merkin-YHC
Penny Picker -Third Day
Windmill-Third Day
Burpees-Big Tuna
Bluecrush-Gpa Jack
Low Slow Merkin-Third Day
Happy Appy-The Body

1st 10 min -Bluecrush led us over to the coupons. 15 OHP,   Run to the handball court for 10 Mike Tysons, go to the playground for 5 pullups, repeato. (Here we met Jose, a 69YO FNG who decided to ditch his wife and join us for a spell.  Said he liked what we were doing as it made him remember his Army days. AYE!  He is planning on coming back out Monday)

2nd 10 min – BLC led us to the Tennis Courts for some 11’s.  Bobby Hurley’s (10)/LBC (1)

3rd 10 min – Hot Corner took us to the Handball Courts for a little Partner action.  P1-wall sits, P2-run a lap around the playground with a burpee at each corner, repeato till time.

4th 5 min – Epsilon with a stretch session leading into a little “Cheddah-Shreddah” action.

5th 5 min – IDK took us back to the tennis courts for some non-stop Bearcrawls/Planks/Merkins

6th 5 min – 
YHC took back the reigns and lead the group to “Porkchop Hill” for a little: Quadraphelia sandwiched by air squats 5,4,3,2,1.

Then, I had partners line up in a row x 2’s and get down on their belly.  When YHC say’s “GO!”, the first 2 get up and AYG to the flags. Repeato down the line.

Approx 6 Pax took a turn calling their favorite Mary exercise


1.  Pray for everyone (See my BB from Thursday)
2.  4/10 – Delta “Fire and bad beer” shindig Time TBD
3.  4/24 – Sanction sponsored Morrow Mountain F2 hike.  More to come

1. Strong work by our 2.0’s (as usual).  Watch out, Third Day is going to be a beast, I can feel it.
2. Thank you Hot Corner, Bluecrush and BLC for taking a piece #HIM’s
3. Nice to mix things up once in a while.  Quote from Pantene at coffee…”you guys killed me today.”  Way to go!
4.  Happy Easter to all my peeps (i.e. brothers)
5.  Always an honor to lead this group, AYE!


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