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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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On the Highway to Kettlehell

  • When: 04/02/21
  • QIC: JD
  • The PAX: Gamma (R), Birdcage, T-Bone, Clueless, Pancake, Expresso, Dr. Lecter, Ripken, S.S. Minnow (R), Bearclaw (R), Peppa, Deadhead, Dick Tracy, Koozie, Practice, JD (R)

16 HIMs gather on a cold and windy Good Friday morning for some Kettlebell work. Here’s how it went down:
• Mosey from the picnic shelter to far end of parking lot.
• SSH x 20 (IC)
• IST x 20 (IC)
• Straight-arm shoulder stretch
• Window Washers
• Penny Pickers x 15 (IC)
The Thang:
A Tabata Kettlebell beatdown. Four rounds (was the plan) of four exercises with a repeat of the exercises in each round and a run to the end of the parking lot after the 2nd round. The timer for each exercise was 50 seconds on the exercise with a 10 second rest.
Round 1
Sumo Squat
Crossover Merkins
Sit and Press
Mason Twist w/iron
Run after 2nd set – if you finished early, hold Superman pose for a 10-count, release for 3-count)
Round 2
Concentration Curls
Reverse Kettlebell Lunge
Overhead Tricep Extension
Pullover Sit-up w/iron
Run after 2nd set – (intent was for early finishers to hold Boat for 20-count, release for 3 count)
Round 3
Jump Squat
Crossover Burpees
LCBs w/iron
Run after 2nd – (intent was to repeat Superman hold)
Flutter Kicks w/iron x 15 (IC)
Mason Twist w/iron x 10 (IC)

• Strong, strong work ethic out there today! Everyone pushed hard on the exercises and it showed. Great effort by all! This was an ambitious workout, I originally had 4 rounds of 4 exercises. We never made it to the 4th round (#anditlookedsogoodonpaper). Good call gentlemen! Hmm, odd how we all seemed to finish the run at pretty much the same time??!! No time for Superman or Boat.
• #Tclaps to @Clueless, @Pancake, @Expresso, @TBone and @Birdcage for pre-run. I thought there was a deer was flying through the parking lot, oh, it’s only @Expresso (I think he was in mosey gear at the time).
• HYC took the “just a suggestion” to heart from those that shall remain nameless, (@Deaddead and @Gamma) (oops) and moved the workout to the shelter (#saidthemaninshortsfromtheWindycity).
• Coffeteria discussions centered around the comedy prowess of Jim Gaffigan and the wonder of dental insurance. I think @Clueless is on to something with his idea of a rewards card for dental visit. Maybe a free cleaning after 5 visits. Will get back to you on that. I was cringing at hearing @Deadhead’s and @BirdCage’s dental experiences.
• Prayer for the Landers family as the struggle with the sudden death of their father and husband. He leaves behind a wife and two small children. Here’s a link to sign up to drop a meal off or to have a meal delivered to the family. Please consider signing up here:
• Happy Easter and prayerful thoughts for today as it’s Good Friday.

  • On April 2, 2021

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