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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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Bring your dog to Broga day.

YHC prepped the Pax for a disappointing Broga session the day before.  It has been a while since I have Q’d Broga but was excited to give it a go as it is “the smartest workout of the week.”

0515 YHC arrives, takes a cat nap, checks his social media
0520 Here comes Delta & Epsilon, H&S, Chum…..
0525 More Pax shuffling in, YHC exits the truck thinking “pretty freak’n cold out here”
0530 Lousy disclaimer given…let the #mumblechatter begin!

No music, crap!  We started with some mountain poses and Hatha breaths, leading into a series of forward folds and hamstring stretching.  Then we went into some shoulder stretches, side stretches, lower-back stretches, glute-hamstring stretches (again, just because). All forms of Pigeon were in attendance – Proud, King, Mudrah, Tripod.  We ended with a heavy flow of Up/Down Dog to Runners pose, Warrior I, II & “scoop the air” Reverse Warrior.  Final big inhale and stretch to the ceiling to thank the Sky Q for giving us the ability to be here today, ending with namaste (prayer hands).


1. Pray for our friend “The Body” and everything he is going through at this difficult time.  We will be helping him finish the brickwork on his home in the next few weeks.  Keep posting to find out when.
2. Prayers for Chum’s family (sister) and her struggles.  Congrats for his son Jeremy getting into NCSU!
3.  Prayers for Bluecrush’s friend Eddie suffering from Covid
4.  Prayers for H&S’s foot so that he heals up
5.  Prayers for my son, Loverboy, struggling with Covid at NCSU
6.  Prayers for Changeorders Son, Justin, recovering from surgery
7.  Prayers for Steampipe so he can come back out again soon
8.  Prayers for all other Pax who have not posted in a while.  May they find the strength to come back out and rejoin the group for the spring/summer
9.  Pray for our first responders and military
10. #addyourownprayerhere
11. April 10 Schuchmann-shindig 5pm-8pm.  Nite-nite by 9.
12. April 24 2ndF Morrow Mountain Hike.  12pm till? Sanctions has more info.

1.  Delta told us all what NOT to do while working on your laptop at home. #GoodPSA #wholetthedogsout
2.  Strong work by everyone
3.  Sparkplug – why do you even come to broga?  Next time, go pick us up coffee while the guys who NEED the stretching, stretch.  Sometimes I feel you are just mocking us;-)
4.  GinG – Keep coming brother, you WILL get stretchier
5.  Silas – some no shows were probably intimidated by the hair.  But I agree with Delta, you look tight brother!
6.  Always an honor to lead, AYE!




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