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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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Are Monkey Humpers Necessary?

  • When: 03/31/2021
  • QIC: Bravo
  • The PAX: hop-hunter, Shooter, hokie_pokie, Porto, Guinness, Tumbler, Zacchaeus, Majorpain

A balmy low-60 degree Wednesday morning brought out 9 PAX for @Bravo’s VQ for the F3 Afton gang.  I’m hopeful it didn’t disappoint.  @Bravo was in a kind mood this morning, so there were several “pleases” included in his instructions … Here’s how it went down…

At 0530, a quick disclaimer was given and around the Dorton parking lot for a lap before circling up for the warm-o-rama:

  • (15) SSHs IC, (10) Windmills IC, (12) Penny Pickers IC, Arm Circles front & back from little to big

PAX were asked to grab a block and head to the tennis courts, where the beatdown ensued… lining up on one end of the courts and partnering-up in 2’s (with the exception of @Tumbler, @Guinness & @Bravo who shared three blocks), these instructions were given:

  • Partner 1 carried a block in each hand (fireman carry-style) to the opposite end of the courts and back, while Partner 2 began the following set of exercises:
    • (50) Monkey Humpers
    • (100) Merkins
    • (150) WW2’s
    • (200) Body Squats
    • (250) SSH’s
  • EACH time a partner returned with the blocks, each pax knocked out 5 burpees…
  • Partner 2 then picked up wherever Partner 1 left off on the exercise set… AND SO ON … until the set was complete.
  • The set was complete with just shy of 10 minutes left in the beatdown, so we mosey’d to the wall for one-minute of Balls to the Wall followed by a short wall sit.

Back to the parking lot to return the blocks to their home, before moseying to the shelter for a short session with Mary:

  • (15) Low Flutters IC, (15) Box Cutters IC


  • F3 Afton April Challenge: Complete at least one mile each day (walking or running) for the month.  Encouraged pax to include their M or Fam’s in the fun…
  • I Love My City – @Bravo to identify a project that Afton can sponsor/lead … stay tuned


Appreciate the opportunity to lead, fellas… good times!


Hokie Pokie

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