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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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  • When: 3/24/2021
  • QIC: Delta
  • The PAX: Othello, Silas, Starbucks, Toughskins, BLC, Hot Corner, Chum, Spark plug, Third Day, Blue Crush, Bullwinkle, Sanctions and Change Order

The Gathering was early, it was slow but it wasn’t cold as most of the PAX is now back into shorts and a shirt not requiring the cumbersome layers that we have been dealing with of late.  So good clear morning to get the blood pumping.  BTW – I was standing in for Epsilon so he owes me.  Lousy disclaimer was giving but Starbucks didn’t here it because he was one minute late.  Welcome to Shoots-N-Ladders

WarmUp: 64 SSH for NCAA March Madness. Followed by a series of mountain climbers, plank jacks, Peter Parker, Parker Peters, some planks – we went until the butts were in the air or the knees were on the ground. Then some penny pickers and windmills followed by five 8-Count body builders.

The Thang:

Fire lane ladder: 1 8-Count body builder at the first marking laddering up to 8 on the eight marker. Six shoot back to pick up the six.  All in then followed by some Aquaman’s and minor stretching. Then we started the shooting portion.  10 bobby hurley’s at each of the four basketball hoops while side shuffling between.  Then a sprint between lights at the end off a parking lot.  The in basketball, managing the clock is always important so we did a series of clock merkins on the hill next to the field.  Of course we had to reverse course now as it was time to return to start via the way we came.  Run to the light, 10 bobby hurleys at each basket ball hoop (4) side shuffling between.  Then the infamous Delta crunches in cadence for four series of 25.  Yes, that is now the record for Delta crunches.  Then back down the ladder at the fire lane markers (8 8-count, 7 8-count….1 8 Count) and pick up the six.  Mosey to COT and then do some kneeling arm/leg extensions for more core.  BTW – that is 77 total 8-count body builders.  Too bad Big Tuna wasn’t here, he would almost be done.

Moleskin: Well, this is my second back blast for the week so you can imagine my joy in writing this.  Although my joy in delivering the Pain at Bain outweighs this administrative duty that I now undertake.  After Monday’s workout, there was a little mumbling about some sore legs and today’s workout didn’t help.  It was great seeing 14 PAX and always great seeing Bullwinkle to come out and join us.  Also, Starbucks has jumped right in with his shy self and is leading the PAX in motivation one word statements that would normally be heard in Gold’s Gym; I love the guy already!.

COT: April 24th – hike.  April 10 – Delta shindig at his house – spouses welcomed.  Pray for Chum’s family, Delta’s Grandmother and mother dealing with dimension issues in the family, quick healing for Head and Shoulders, and keep praying for The Body, his mother and his family.

  • On March 24, 2021

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