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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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Making Danica Patrick Proud

  • When: 03/18/2021
  • QIC: Disaster
  • The PAX: Dutch Boy, Glock, Gumby, Pony Boy, Powerball, Shazam, Disaster

Seven men braved ominous weather predictions and showed up at HCES this morning to see what kind of stupidity @Disaster had in store for them. In reality, the weather turned out to be not a real problem, with temps near 50 degrees and a cool mist falling from the sky. After the usual disclaimer, YHC led the PAX on a quick trip around the front parking lot that ended up in front of the Elementary School portico for warmarama.


  • SSH IC X 19
  • IST IC X 10
  • HB IC X 10
  • WP IC X 10
  • WM IC X 10
  • MC IC X 10
  • Merkins IC X 10


The PAX were led under the portico where the familiar step stool weinke was waiting, much to no one’s relief. Today was the eighth running of the Dropcloth 500, only this time with a new shorter but wetter track awaiting. The PAX were instructed to complete the first of seven exercises under the safety of the portico, followed by a big-boy lap around the top of the parking lot (roughly 1/5 mile). The second round was cumulative, with the PAX completing the top two exercises (in any order) followed by another big-boy lap. The goal was to complete all seven rounds of exercises, adding one new exercise each round, and seven laps around the parking lot. Exercises were as follows:

  • 10 burpees
  • 20 lunges (10 per leg)
  • 30 merkins
  • 40 air squats
  • 50 LBC
  • 60 Rocky Balboas (2 = 1)
  • 70 Freddy Mercury (2 = 1)

@Glock was the top finisher, to no one’s surprise, but it appeared that most of the PAX completed all seven laps, or close to it. YHC used the Danica Patrick approach, finishing in dead last with only six laps completed, but still looking good after doing it. Time was called (mercifully) at 614PM. And after 150 LBC no one was interested in Mary.

COT and Prayer


  1. This is a challenging yet rewarding beatdown that we only do about once every six months. Most of the PAX were breathing too hard for any good mumblechatter. @Dutch Boy remarked that he both “loved and hated” the workout, to which @Glock shared that he felt the same way about his marriage. Good times!
  2. @Pony Boy pointed out that most of today’s exercises were the same ones we completed (in bulk) during our brief stay in @Alcatraz’s Juarez Valley prison on Tuesday morning. Most of the participants were (reportedly) still having trouble moving about yesterday after a very tough beatdown.
  3. @Poutine is still collecting food for the Elementary School we are sponsoring this month so please bring donations on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Many of the kids at this school could go hungry on the weekends so your donations truly make a difference. A list of needed foods can be found on Slack.
  4. @Dutch Boy is working with a group of dads at Highland Creek Elementary to possibly do some outdoor projects around the school one Saturday in April. We use the school four days a week for no charge so please plan on trying to give something back. Details to follow soon. M’s and 2.0’s are also welcome.
  5. It sounds like the weather will be getting much worse later today so please stay safe. Many Americans have already lost their homes or businesses this week so please keep them in your prayers.
  6. Thanks to everyone who showed up today. It’s always an honor to lead this group. If you haven’t Q’d a workout in a while please try to do so. F3 works best when everyone takes a turn leading the beatdowns. Sign Up Genius is always available using the link found on Slack at the top of the Highlands page.

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