F3 Dads at Davis Lake

F3 Dads is officially ON next week Saturday 7am at Davis Lake!

Bsring all the 2.0’s (ages 4 and up) for a kid friendly, high energy and fun beat down. We will crawl like Spiderman, “grass sled” down hills, and slither like a Gila Monster all over the playgrounds, tennis courts, and tunnels of Davis Lake. If your kids are anything like mine they are bursting with energy and covid boredom so bring them out!

After our 60 minute beatdown we will serve hot chocolate, coffee and snacks PLUS have a proffesional balloonist at the end for a long lasting 2nd F. If its really cold we might also bring some propane heaters.

March 20th, 7-8am at Davis Lake.

Davis Lake Pool
9000 Davis Lake Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28269

Text R2D2 (James Walker) for details: 602 670 8693