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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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ADA Friendly

  • When: 03/02/21
  • QIC: Grandmaster
  • The PAX: Cupid, Gunny, Loafer, Squid

Four men joined YHC in the bottom level of the parking deck in search of a beatdown.  What they found was a circle of chairs with pain stations, including on chair pair with a plank between to make a impromptu bench.  Since the Q was hobbled by two bad ankles, the plan was to work the upper body and leave leg day to the able bodied. It went something like this.

WARMARAMA: SSHs, Arm Circles, Mountain Climbers, BSNs, Windmills, Burpees

THE THANG: Take and seat and let the timer begin 45s on 15s rest, stay at each station for two intervals to allow those with only one weight to hit both sides of the body.  The exercises were (all in cadence):

Shoulder press, LBCs, Bench Press, RBCs, Curls, Skull Crushers, Seated Upright Row

Everyone made 2.5 laps around the circle.

COT: Prayers for Gunny’s family, healing for YHC legs

MOLESKIN: Thanks for playing along guys. Squid said he burned 650ish calories and Gunny’s watch told him he ran 2.5 miles.  One of those makes since, the other, not so much.

In HIS Service,



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