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F3 MeCa | April 17, 2021

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The Third Side of the Kiosk

  • When: 2/27/21
  • QIC: Change order
  • The PAX: Change order, chum, hot corner, the body, toughskins, head and shoulders, Swiss miss, idk, clover, Pantene, sanctions

Disclaimer given. Five Penalty burpees for Swiss Miss showing up a minute late…Let’s mosey…The pax was given a mosey tour of the parking lot and playground to show the route to be followed on the running part of the BD. Then to the memorial for the warm up consisting of grandpa jacks, windmills, penny pickers, some stretching, jack webbs, and penalty burpees for YHC’s failure to count properly.

YHC presented the kiosk which gave the exercises for the day…four rounds of 20 hr merkins, 20 Bulgarian split squats (10 each leg), 10 Turkish get ups, 20 flutter kicks, and 20 lunges. But before starting these exercises, we moseyed to the truck to hand out gifts / coupons for each pax – 2 each concrete cylinders to be carried everywhere and used with the exercises. Mosey with our coupons to playground for some 11’s (1 burpee and 10 pull-ups this round),  mosey back to memorial for first round of exercises using coupons to get deeper on merkins and add a little weight for each exercise. Mosey with coupon back to playground for 9&2, back to memorial with coupon…After four rounds, drop coupons off, and head to playground to push to finish 11’s. At 59 minutes, YHC called all back to flag for COT.

Head and Shoulders finished, several were close, and all pushed themselves. Awesome effort today men.

COT: Othello showed for COT after posting at Clean Slate. Thanks given to pax that posted at Clean Slate this morning (Othello, Delta, and Third day) for BD led by blue crush. Praise report that prayers work…as evidenced by Othello’s father in law’s continued recover. Prayer request for YHC’s son Justin continued recovery from diverticulitis and upcoming surgery, and father Ray who had pretty severe vertigo this week. Prayer led by YHC.

Moleskin: BD was intended to push us this morning. If we always meet our goal, we aren’t pushing hard enough. Set the bar high and keep reaching.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead today.



Dan Mullis

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