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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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It’s the Double Down Deck of Death Dude!

  • When: 02/25/2020
  • QIC: Disaster
  • The PAX: Snowsuit, ONJ, Sparky, Disaster

Four men showed up at RRMS this morning to help @Disaster ease his way back into his regular Q rotation. The group was greeted by an unexpected glowing orb that appeared on the horizon that provided a long forgotten benefit known as sunlight. The Q was so eager to introduce the PAX to his latest game of stupidity that he almost forgot about warmarama. Thanks to @Snowsuit for the reminder. Here’s how it all went down.



  • SSH IC X 19
  • IST IC X 10
  • WP IC X 10
  • WM IC X 10
  • MC IC X 10
  • Merkins IC X 10


YHC brought out an ordinary deck of cards but added a new twist to “add” some math into the mix (pun intended). The PAX took turns naming an exercise and then drawing two cards from the deck. The number of reps was based on the sum of the two cards. The Q was using @Murdock’s patented “making this @#$^&!! up as I go” technique, which led to several new rules that were added on the fly as follows:

  • The burpee rule – only one card could be drawn, capping the potential number of reps at eleven
  • Aces high – any ace required a lap around the island before the exercises could be completed
  • Blackjack – any combination adding to twenty-one would require a sixty second countdown in the “boat” or “banana” position, bringing back the memory of @Poutine’s much-despised thirty day ab challenge from 2019

@Sparky proved to be big “winner” in the group, drawing a number of face cards and aces in the first round that led the PAX to consider buying him a ticket to Vegas. @ONJ on the other hand must have been cheating because he repeatedly drew combinations of 2,3,4, and 5. The first round was heavy on upper body and included merkins, CDD, inclines, declines, wide merkins, and diamond merkins.

After one trip through the deck, we reshuffled and added a new rule that required the PAX to draw three cards instead of two. This led to another late rule change.

  • WW2 Sit Up Clause – only two cards can be drawn, also known as the tail bone protection clause, or TBPC

We got about half way through the second round before time was (mercifully) called. We did four rounds of Mary using the same rules as follows:


  • Weed Picker (ONJ)
  • The W (Disaster)
  • Todd Beamer (Snowsuit)
  • Reverse Crunch (Sparky)

COT and Prayer

Thanks to everyone who posted today. I refused to wear a hat this morning in honor of the (finally) warm temperatures that reached the upper 40’s by 715AM. The sun was a welcome addition to the beatdown as well. Well done PAX.



  1. Poutine

    I forgot about the boat! Thanks @disaster for the reminder.

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