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F3 MeCa | April 15, 2021

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Wait, It’s not as cold as I thought

  • When: 02/24/2021
  • QIC: Turftoe
  • The PAX: Kojack, Fliphone, SS Minow, Wexler, Dr. Lector, Big Bird, Sheepdog, Birdcage, Peppa, Deadhead, Horse Shack, T-Bone, Clueless, Dick Tracy, Exit 54

16 strong showed up for a not as cold as we thought #Roadwarrior. Strolling thru the Burg is always more fun with a bunch F3 cheetahs. As we started out thru a dark town center the mumble chatter was strong. FlipPhone starts telling us how he will run the most, fastest miles at the Extinction Race (I can neither confirm or deny that Flip actually said that). It does sound like him though. YHC still needs to sign up, good thing I waited as someone, maybe SoloCup told me the cost was $30 + $15 for the best race shirt ever (truth be told I could have not pay any attention as to what SoloCup said) we are all guilty of that. Nonetheless the PAX was strong. As we headed across Hwy 49 into the Shamrock darkness we encounter a Roadwarrior groupie just sitting there in the dark in their car??? We head up the hill and were welcomed by the sweet aroma that a nice skunk left for us. A few PAX ran to end of Shamrock and ran the horseshoe while others did hill repeats on Shamrock then we all headed back.

The Thang

Start on Professional Blvd, turn right on Carl Palmer, slight on Ruckus Rd, cross over Hwy 49 to Saddle Creek Drive, continue onto Shamrock to Pharr Mill, turn around. Turn left on River Hills Dr, right on Timberwood Dr, left on Shamrock and head back.



  • Idiot Run this Saturday
  • March 13th Flip Phone’s Going Away Part at Cabarrus Brewery at 6pm
  • March 20th Extinction Race  Sign up today!  Sign up here!
  • Prayers for everyone dealing with Quarantine and Covid

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, good stuff out there today!


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