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F3 MeCa | March 1, 2021

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Little o’ this, little o’ that

  • When: 02/20/2021
  • QIC: Total Package
  • The PAX: Tombstone, Lex Luthor, Hops, Java (kind of), Spud, Private Ryan, Grover, Catfish, Homeland, ​Hipbone, Sunshine, Flutie (formerly FNG Jordan), El Abogado, Gooney, Neverland, Chris McCombs (FNG)

Jog to Suntrust Bank parking lot:

Circle up

SSH x 20

IST’s x 20

Hamstring stretch

Arm circles

Jog to Central Methodist Church parking lot

Station #1

Walkouts x 10

WW2’s     x 10

Jumping lunge x 10

Brazillians x 10(IC)

LBC’s x 10(IC)

Jog to Southern Strain Brewery

Station #2

Decline merkins on picnic table x 20

Step ups on picnic table   x 20

Burpees x 10

Stump jumpers x 10(IC)

Mosey to bottom of Edgewood Ave

Station #3

Pursuit Drill up Edgewood Ave. hill

Space five steps apart. Catch man ahead of you. If caught do 1 burpee, keep running up hill

Jog to All-star criminal law firm Plummer & Plummerparking lot

Station # 4

Merkins  x 10

V-ups x 10

Starjumps x 10

Mtn climbers x 10(IC)

KGB’s x 10(IC)

Jog to basketball court at Glenn Center

Station # 5

Windmill merkins x 10

Spin squats w/90 degree turn  x 10

Low flutters x 10(IC)

Crunchy Frogs x 10(IC)

J-Lo’s x 10(IC)

Jog to rear parking lot at Glenn Center

Station # 6

Plyo pushups x 10

Sumo squat w/kick x 10

Burpees x 10

Apollo Ohno’s x 10

Jog back to OCT

Station # 7

Block/Paver workout

Squats x 10

Curls x 10

Overhead press x 10

Skull crushers x 10

Diamond merkins x 10

Mtn climbers x 10

Calf raises x 10

One legged/pistol squats x 10

Jump overs x 10

Manmakers x 10


Mosey to Mary

Superman stretch

Upward dog into child’s pose

Shoulder stretch

Deep breaths


1. Clear and dry weather made sixteen faithful Pax happy and chatty as five straight days of gloom allowed pent up workout anxiety to be released. What a lively bunch it was! We even had a Saturday cameo appearance from Grover, who was called out by Catfish for his, “little pussy hands”, while using a half cinder block while the Pax used full blocks! A rare sight indeed.

Seven stations around downtown provided a little variety this morning as well as a new place to do the dreaded “pursuit” drill, the deceptively steep Edgewood Ave. hill. By the way, did anybody see Java again after he ran up this hill? Most Pax ran the hill without too much pain with the exception of one who won’t be singled out because he has too many connections with undertakers!The prestigious law firm parking lot of Plummer and Plummer on Church St. provided another scarcely used venue and brought back memories of a year ago when most Pax helped with the moving process after a Saturday morning beatdown. We love what you’ve done to the place, El Ab!

Too wet to use Webb Field after five days of rain, but Glenn Center has plenty of dry places to get hard and stay hard. Gloves are optional, of course!

Final station back at OCT made #7 with block work and by Q’s watch we covered 3.2 miles total. Good variety of cardio, plyo, core, and upper body.

The best part of the morning was naming our new FNG. After much ado, Q decided to go with Hops recommendation of Flutie. Welcome Flutie and we all look forward to getting to know you! Kudos to Hops for his recruitment!

Funds still being raised for Pheidippides Autism Run across NC. If you haven’t contributed yet, remember that JB will match our first $3000! Can’t think of a more worthy cause.

Great coffeteria time as always. A visiting F3 member made a comment recently how he thought the Concord group seemed much closer than others he had visited. He’s right. We have a wonderful group of men who support and care about each other. Thanks for letting me lead you knuckleheads today! Always and honor and a priviledge.


Moleskin faithfully submitted by Total Package 02/20/21

  • On February 22, 2021

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