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F3 MeCa | February 28, 2021

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Let it flow

  • When: 02/22/2021
  • QIC: Manwich
  • The PAX: Heatstroke, Goldenboy, Pox, Man Down, Wrong Way, Manwich

YHC arrived in the gloom with a freshly inked Weinke in hand.  5 other Pax decided to join YHC under the dry cover at Odell.  Disclaimer read.  Let’s mosey!


Mosey around parking lot with side shuffles, quadraphilia, carioca, high knees, butt kickers, deep lunge walks.  Circle up.  20 X SSH IC, 10 X IST IC, 10 X WM IC, 10 X Tempo Squats.  Moseyed back to bells under cover for KB warmup.  All OYO:  10 X Wrist Twist ea hand (insert adult jokes by various Pax), 10 X Around the World ea direction, 10 X Swings, 10 X Halos ea direction, 10 X Figure 8’s ea direction, 10 X Side Bends ea side.

THE THANG:   Kettlebell Flow (Full Body Strength)…the idea is to smoothly transition from one exercise into the next.

  1. Flow #1, 2 rounds ea side:  5 X one-arm bent row, 5 X one-arm swing, 5 X clean to reverse lunge, 5 X knelling shoulder press, 5 X racked squats….switch sides.
  2. Flow #2, 3 rounds:  All on your six.  5 X chest press, 5 X pull overs, 5 X leg raises, 5 X toe touches, 5 X flutter kicks(4=1).
  3. Flow #3, 5 rounds ea side:  1 X merkin w/ one hand on KB, jump up, 1 X one-arm deadlift, 1 X one-arm bent row, 1 X clean, 1 X racked squat, 1 X standing shoulder press, 1 X snatch…..switch sides.
  4. Flow #4, 5 rounds ea side:  1 X one-arm bent row, 1 X knell and clean, 1 X knelling shoulder press, stand up KB raised overhead…..switch sides.

MARY:   All with bell.  20 X LBCs IC, 20 X Low Flutter IC, 20 X Rosalitas IC, finish w/ a 30 sec plank.  Recover, recover.


  • Thanks and gratitude for the ability to lead and be out here with the Pax today.
  • Continued prayers for Soprano and Kilowatt’s 2.0 and all other unspoken prayer request.

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