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F3 MeCa | March 1, 2021

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Cold and Wet Pile Driver 02/22/2021

  • When: 02/22/21
  • QIC: Blue Crush
  • The PAX: Head 'N' Shoulders, Toughskins, Epsilon, Delta, Mogwai, BLC, Booyah, Gopher & Blue Crush

0515 Q arrives at the park to see @ mogwai waiting for the fun to begin.
0523 still a party of 2. Is everyone else afraid of being cold and wet. Did everyone else fart sack and dream of the warm spring days ahead.
0524 Gopher arrives. Not Scared
0526 @ Head N Shoulders, @ Delta & Epsilon @ BLC. Not Scared either.
0528 @Toughskins rolls in to face the cold rain.
0530 Disclaimer given and off for a Mosey Lap.

SSH, IW, Happy Appy, Windmill, Penny Pickers, Grandpa Jacks and Calf Stretch

0535 A Booyah shows up. Thought about fartsacking in his warm bed but decided that did not make him a better man!

Mosey to parking lot

TMT – Part 1
Lieutenant Dans with 8 merkins and 8 mountain climbers. Working from 1 squat to 4 lunge ration X 10 repetitions ending with 10 squats and 40 lunges

Mosey lap around parking lot to the rock pile.

TMT – Part 2
15 overhead presses with rock, run to hand ball court for 10 Mike Tysons, run to playground for 5 pull ups, rinse and repeat for 5 rounds.

Mary under the picnic shelter for relief from the cold and wet (not really. We are too cold and wet to get relief)

LBC, Flutter Kick, Heels to Heaven, Freddie Mercury and one-minute Plank.


March Forth 5K and 15K. Starting @ 8:30 AM from Vintners on March 6th.

Thank for allowing me to Lead.
Strong work by all that participated and embraced the suck of the cold and wet morning

Blue Crush

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