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F3 MeCa | February 28, 2021

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Willing Spirit, Weak Flesh

  • When: 02/20/21
  • QIC: Grandmaster
  • The PAX: Squid, Steel Cannon, Fire Chicken, Loafer, SirTopHam, Cupid, Snowman

Fresh from a tough week in Florida, with temps in the mid 70s and a slight sunburn, YHC returned to gloom of Kannon. He wasn’t able to bring the warm temps but the presence of GM caused the clouds to part and the sun to shine. Snowman has places to go and people to see, but got his work in before 0700. 6 other Kannonites joined the Q and set off for an hour of getting better.
Mosey to Switzerland 🇨🇭 for WARMARAMA:

20 SSH IC, 15 IST IC, 10 BSN, Arm Circles

Mosey to Power Hill for THANG 1:

Circle Power Hill always facing east stopping in the west side each round for 15 squats facing north, then east, south and west. Repeat with mericans. Total of eight laps, 60 squats and 60 mericans. It was during the lateral hops on the east and west sides of the hill that the title of today’s backblast started showing up. The ankles were getting a little tender. Mosey to Shang Ri La for THANG 2:

5 LBCs IC at the north loop, run to the south loop for 5 Mountain Climbers. Repeat increasing reps by 5 to 30 then back down to 5. YHC was struggling with pain in both calves and could only muster a walk after a couple of laps. The stallions completed the entire set with others getting back down to the 10 rep level. Slow mosey to the AO for broga and stretching.

COT: Prayers for Gunny and his family, BD and his family and the PAC as leaders in our family, work and community.
MOLESKIN: After a week of walking on roofs, the calves and ankles of YHC had given up. Still great effort by all and great encouragement. Good conversation at coffee even though the mass vaccination meant parking was at a premium in downtown K-town.
As always, it was an honor to lead.

In HIS Service,



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