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F3 MeCa | February 28, 2021

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gremlin redux x 4!!!

  • When: 2/19/21
  • QIC: backdraft
  • The PAX: backdraft, steel cannon, risky business, squid, firechicken

windy and cool as old glory stood at attention makes the 5 brave warriors whom assumed the gloom proud to count each others as brothers!!!! Aye!!

Warm O Rama: mosey to veterans park!

deconstruct the motivator each move times 10 ic, bsn’s 10 ic, ist’s 10 ic, mc 10 ic

mosey to the Thang

the Hill @A st.

Run up and down the Hill, Burpees at the top Wall Jumps at the bottom start with 5 and add 5 every time up to 20 then back down.

mosey to the Deck

run up the stairs to the top level then across to the adjoining stairway then down 1 floor and across the adjoining stairway so forth and so on all the way down, with an exercise on each level rinse and repeato

exercises: 30 fred merks left right 1, 25 lowflutters left right 1, 20 american hammers left right 1, 15 v-ups, 10 crunchy frogs

mosey to Mary, COT/BOM

strong beatdown good effort by all it was a push its hard when you called it and almost cant do it! Squid noted burpees and wall jumps aren’t a good match, as i believe the deep respirations from steel cannon would concur, although the fleet feet of the chicken and the business made us all look slow!! however the business had trouble remembering his name during name o rama maybe he is hung over!!! Prayers to Gunny and his family be strong brah! Prayers to Firechicken and family, and BD and family!!! We are all tools for the service of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ gents! let’s be worthy and shine the light!!!!







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