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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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Know Your Planets

  • When: 2/18/2021
  • QIC: Life Alert
  • The PAX: Man Down, Heatstroke, Sugar, MC, Life Alert, Detention

School was cancelled in anticipation of the ice storm of the century on Thursday. Some concern was voiced on Slack the night prior regarding some potential extra gear and YHC tried to ensure a safe haven at RS come 0530. Some HCs followed on Slack and the final count of 6 Pax braved the soggy tundra of WR Odell. None of the HCs in attendance. 0530 hit and we moseyed quick step out of the rain to the safe haven of the posterior entrance. more on that later


  • ssh x 10 IC
  • WM x 5 IC  AKA  Abe Pagoda
  • PP x 5 IC
  • IST x 10 IC
  • Crab jacks x 10
  • Tempo Prisoner Squats x 10 IC
  • Tempo Merkins x 10 IC
  • MC x 10 IC
  • the numbers were really all over the place as the mumblechatter was strong early and the Q is easily distracted. Line of the BD came from this session

Thang 1–Deck O Death

Brad Panovich was selling this ice storm hard and all the weather apps had us down for 95% precipitation at go time. Searched the vast annals of F3 Meca Backblasts for a covered type workout. Put the word Deck in the search bar and some interesting results came up. Apparently there are a lot of parking deck BDs throughout the region. As expected Deck of Death came up quite often. What was more surprising was the amount of times Love Seat came up attached to these D of D results. He appears to be the grand poobah  of this methodology, talked some smack on slack the night before regarding the BD, and then promptly Fartsacked. Oh well, we carried on with out him but had a 10 second moment of silence in his honor. . Pretty simple and followed the chart below.


each Pax took a card and had the option to call IC or OYO. about a 50/50 split. After 2 consecutive rounds we took a break for some wall work. Still raining so we skipped the traditional run. Ultimately made it through 6 rounds.

Wall worK:

  • PC with AP x 10 IC Can can x 10 IC
  • PC with ascending burpee train. start with 1 and made it to 3 trips around the circle and 3 burpees
  • BTTW finale with shoulder taps x 10 IC


  • in the cards


  • great showing for such a cruddy start to the day.  The numbers were lower than the past few months on a Thursday but the 2nd F was strong and probably stronger than the the 1st F. Always great to have a visiting Pax in attendance even if its for 75% of the BD. Thanks to Man Down for making the trek over. Sugar pointed out that I was really being judged more for my song selection in the playlist than the BD itself. There was also some concern regarding the quality of my Clubs drawing on the big board. If this was a Rorschach Test there would be more than a few therapy sessions necessary for this group.  Heatstroke is so efficient at the “that’s what she said” jokes that he now sets them up and finishes them off almost simultaneously. MC had the line of the BD off the jump when talking about the solar system and planets that were artistically drawn in chalk by the fine students of WROP. some jokes are funny at 5, 25, 55, and probably 75….I’m sure you can figure it out. Namarama devolved into some kind of rocker impersonation with Detention nailing the best of the round. Not sure what to hell happened there but it was funny.
  • Prayers for AA, Soprano, MC’s friends David and Danny. The family and friend of Sugar’s friend Chris who passed from Kidney cancer. Firestone and his daughter along with Kuhmo who are recovering from Covid..get well soon. And all unspoken requests.
  • Thanks again and SYITG soon.
  • HDHH tonight at JB’s 6:30 PM..or in 20 minutes. HC on SLACK
Life Alert

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