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F3 MeCa | February 28, 2021

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.38 Special

  • When: 02/17/21
  • QIC: Bozeman
  • The PAX: Grover, Tombstone, Deertick, Neverland, Skinner, Hops, Luthor, El Ab, Fire Chicken, Spud, Waterboy, Indy, Hipbone, Catfish (math expert), Homeland, Mayweather, Physco T, Private Ryan, Total Package, Bozeman

Warm Up

Mosey to CESI

SSH x 15

Loose Change x 5

Arm Circles

Mosey to bottom of New Deck


Level 1 exercise, Run the stairs up to 2 exercise, run the deck down, repeat level 1 exercise, run stairs to level 3 – exercise, run deck down, stop at level 2, repeat exercise, level 1 exercise, keep going all the way to the top, and stoping and repeating at each level in the way down, repeat till time called.

Level 1 – 38 LBC’s

Level 2 – Merks/Squats (16 of each to equal 38, no wait, 19 each)

Level 3 – Mountain Climbers

Level 4 – Low Flutters / Dry Docks – (19 each)

Level 5 – Lunges (19 each leg)

Mary was called at 6:07

Back in time for a brief stretch at OCT

On to more important things, coffee and conversations.


The mafia showed up to show out today. 20 pax in total. Chatter as usual, Homeland kept telling us to tone it down before heading out from OCT. 

As you learned this morning, I turned 38 on Sunday. The beatdown was all about 38. The plan was to hit full body, burn the legs on the stairs, as well as get in some distance. I wrote this down, I wrote up some cheat sheets for each level, and never caught my elementary mistake. But don’t worry, the mistakes we make will be called out, thank you Catfish. For those that don’t know already, 16 and 16 = 32, NOT 38. The evidence of error is already in the trash, outside of the memory of basic math tutoring I clearly need. A thing of the past. Luckily, Mayweather has completed my refi and Spud made it official. No audit needed, my numbers are probably correct on my taxes.

Enough about that.

All the Pax got in 1 full cycle, and some almost completed a full 2nd cycle. Grover was leading the Pax, with Tombstone and PR right there with him. Multiple groups at different stages with lots of chatter along the way. After the beatdown most the pax headed off to the more important thing and the reason we all get our lazy ass out of bed, coffee time. We ran out of gas with the heater again just as we were shutting things down.

 All in all fun was had, and a beat down took place. Appreciate each of you. It’s been a blast to be challenged, pushed, and encouraged over the past 9 months. Awesome group, continuing being great. 

Hope you enjoyed the beatdown. Until next Q. Get hard, stay hard. 


  • On February 17, 2021

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