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F3 MeCa | February 28, 2021

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A Different Type of Tuesday Run

  • When: 02/16/21
  • QIC: Sparkplug
  • The PAX: Sanctions, Othello, Chum, Sparkplug, Delta, Gopher, Toughskins, Blue Crush, GinG, HeadnShoulders, Mogwai, Booyah, BLC

We start at 530 and split into two groups, ruckers and runners. The ruckers consisted of Chum, Toughskins, Gopher, and Delta. The runners consisted of Sparkplug, Othello, Blue Crush, Sanctions, Mogwai, GinG, Booyah, and BLC.

The runners ran to the town hall and then to the 6 and then back to townhall. When we were all in we went to the side of one of the buildings to do some drills. We partnered up and had one partner run a sprint drill while the other partner ran a flight of stairs.

Sprint Drill:

Run from one code to the first one in front of you then run back and then sprint to the final cone.

When you finished either one then you run a lap around the building and then do the other station. We did this for about 15-25 minutes. After this we partner sprints. Using the same partner and the same set of cones for the sprint drill, run from one end of the cones to the other racing your partner. We did this 3 times. After we finished the races each set of partners spilt up and run opposite directions around the building. When you meet each other the you get down and do 5 merkins. We did this until 6:05. At 6:05 we all ran back and met up with head and shoulders on his way back from his run. When everybody was at the flags we did a short cooldown, walking lap around the parking lot. We finished at 615 with some announcements and prayer.

Everyone was there (except Silas), we had a good workout, and we had fun, or at least I did.


2nd F event on Saturday. Max’s speed shop 6pm. (Talk to Sanctions for details.)


Othello’s father-in-law in that he makes a fast recovery.

Othello’s partner’s mother who has Covid. Pray that she makes a recovery and that his family can see her again.

Caleb Koehler

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