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F3 MeCa | February 28, 2021

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Lower Body Bellbuster. Heavy Edition.

  • When: 2/15/21
  • QIC: Heatstroke
  • The PAX: Chachi, Pox, Golden Boy, Manwich, Hot Pack, Heatstroke

6 showed out for another Kettlebell relocation to Odell Primary to ensure a bit of cover.  Apparently if you want to stop rain from 0530-0615 on Monday and Fridays in the area, we just relocate workouts to OPS, as once again there was none.  Man Down said he would be there if his Valentine’s evening wasn’t so lucky, he wasn’t there, at least that makes one of us.  Wrong Way HC’d, and wasn’t there, which is almost cause for an APB as the man has been dominating the posting leaderboard in 2021 around here.  Anyhoo, the call went out to bring the heavy bells, and the call was answered, as the big boys were out.  Disclaimer and we are off on a quick mosey and warmarama:

Warmarama:  Mosey to the front of the school with butt kickers, high knees, toy soldiers, elbow to instep.  SSH.  Abe Vigodas.  ISTs.

The Thang:  Back to the Political Portico (entrance next to lot where election line presides) where the Bells await.  It’s Heavy Lower Body Tabata Time!

We line up the bells heaviest to lightest. 25#-88#.  5 sets of 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds of rest.  Start light on 1st set and move up in weight through the 4th.  5th set drop back down as a recover set.  Exercises we used:

  • Goblet Squat
  • KB Swing
  • Sumo Squat
  • Bob & Weave
  • Single arm Deadlift

Almost out of time, so we mixed in one set of Jack Black Squats.  YHC also called for Under the Bell Squats, but the elbow started barking, abort and time for Mary.

Mary: Low Flutters with bell over heard.  LBCs with bell on chest.

COT:  Praise that Covid cases are plummeting and vaccines are getting out there quick.  Prayers for AA, Soprano, Detention’s parents, unspoken prayers.  RSHH is this Thursday at Johnny Brusco’s in spite of the fact that Manwich doesn’t like to announce it:)

Moleskin: Well done gents!  Sometimes I worry that when there is some standing around, pax might cool off.  Not the case as layers were coming off.  It’s solid to see a log jam at the heavy bells, you know work is being performed when they aren’t getting lonely.  Of course we knew Hot Pack and Pox would be giving the big boys attention, but everybody got in on the act.  Golden Boy even got after The Bulldog.  Thanks to HP for bring his two larger KBs, they were needed.  I feel like Chachi was channeling his inner Soprano with his need for repeated instruction explanations, or its just that he don’t count so good.  Hopefully that puts some size on them quads fellas, because there definitely wasn’t any being put on any muscles from the waist up.  There are four days left in the week, so there’s that.  Have a great one y”all.  Happy President’s Day.



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