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F3 MeCa | February 27, 2021

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the Gremlin redux Kannon style – thrice!

  • When: 2/12/21
  • QIC: backdraft
  • The PAX: bd, grandmaster, loafer, sir topham, trick, java, steel cannon, schintzel, blue thunder

It was a wee bit chilly and windy as we entered the gloom with some travelers from foreign  lands (across the bridge and from the Stone) totaling 9! The Gloom was to present the remnants of the Gremlin as brought to you by BD and GM in doses of three headed towards 16 in ALL!! I must say it’s much easier to eat this elephant in small bites rather than choke on it all at once, but it is as it is!!! Oh Loafer figured out is was a day we workout without asking!! how did he do that?

No disclosure needed I am the epitome of perfection!!!

Warm O Rama: Mosey to the  OG launch point and circle up!

DeConstruct Motivator each move times 10 IC / BSN’s times 10 IC / GM”S / MC’s times 10 IC

Thang: Mosey to Patriot (Sir Topham and Java got lost I tried to cover for them)

Partner UP! 1 partner runs loop around Patriot (timer) while 2 partner dips rotate until thrice sets of dips by each partner, then incline mericans for thrice sets, then step ups for thrice sets.

Mosey to the Bull Pen: back pedal up hill and mosey down with sets of exercise at the top starting with 5 reps and adding 5 reps every time up!

exercises as follows: burpees, mike tysons, carolina dry docks, squats, mericans, air presses, flutter kicks, freddie mercs

Mary: Mosey to Mary


Strong Work by ALL!!! Good Beat Down!! Prayers for Gunny and his family, also Trick and his family, and our Nation, let us never forget to Love the Lord and Love our Brothers!!! Accountability and Presence!! Make Each Other Stronger and Never Leave anyone Behind!!! Love Ya Brothers!

Until Next Time / Aye! / BD



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