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F3 MeCa | February 28, 2021

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Warming Up for the All Valley

  • When: 2/10/21
  • QIC: Look Me Up
  • The PAX: Mountie, TP, BCR, Homeland, Hops, Anvil, Fire Chicken, Neverland, Tombstone, Bozeman, Luther, PR, Psycho T, Spud, Indy, Skinner

Mid 40’s.  Nice out.  Real nice.  

Mosey to bum wash:  circle up for some warm up

SSH x 20 (I counted this time)

Mtn climbers x 20

Runners Stretch

TP Hammie stretch (led by the legend himself)

40 dips

Mosey to bottom of new shiny parking deck

Core Work:  

15 Core Killers OYO

3:00 elbow plank

Thang:  3 stations 

OYO with 15 reps of the following at each station.  After completion of station run up 2 deck levels to next station.  When done at top run down mineshaft and begin again

Level 1:  Chesticles:  Merkins & Carolina Dry Docks

Level 3:  Core: V-ups & Freddie Merks IC

Level 5:  Legs: Air Squats & Lunges (hate em)

Repeat till time called.  

Mary: a few stretches


Trip to CA for Smartt family for son Sam’s first allergy trip.  

FC trip to FL

Posts work out thoughts (also called a Moleskin):  Warm out.  Real nice.  Good group.  Tombstone was delayed in starting out due to what he dubbed “needing to deal with a body”.  The Q decided to add a minute to the every LMU Q 2:00 elbow plank.  3 minutes was tough.  Nobody cussed at me though.  My core is weak.  Need to build up that strength for all that time I spend in front of a computer and driving all over CLT looking for weeds in my fescue.  Personally I though the level 3 core reps were harder because I did them with perfect form (where was BCR to verify when I needed him).  I also increased reps from my usual 12 to 15 which throws off the uniformity of the lunges per MQ Spuds math.  Everybody got through at least 4 total rotations I believe with the fast cool kids getting 6.  Maybe 7.  Coffee was a bit different with no drip coffee available.  And no Catfish around.  I want to reiterate that Psycho T’s name is perfect.  As it Tombstone’s.  And PR’s, homeland, Skinner and Mountie.  I’ll miss you guys next week.  Pray for us as my wife, son Sam and I venture to the land of the fruits all next week for Sam’s first visit with an allergy specialist.  Goal is to slowly retrain his body to accept foods that his body currently violently reacts to.  Have fun down there in FL Fuego pollo.  Even for an old ass man like you Universal Studios gonna be fun.  Love you guys.  Appreciate the fact that you care more than just a group of cross fitters that pay to grunt and moan.  LMU out.  

Bay City Roller

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