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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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social experiment

  • When: 02/10/21
  • QIC: Big Blue
  • The PAX: Shooter, Bravo, Hokie Pokie, Iron City, Kojak, 4-Wide, Zacchaeus, Hop Hunter, Big Blue

9 men answered the call after a “Men only” preblast warning.  It really wasn’t that hard but I like to see who’s afraid. Instead we had a little social experiment.  2 containers, each holding different exercises, one labeled “hard” the other not labeled.  The persons picking the next exercise did not perform the exercise they picked, but instead ran a lap as the timer for the others performing the exercise.  The experiment – would people pick from the “hard” container so they did not have to perform the “hard” exercise or would they be nice to their brothers and pick from the other container?


Warm-a-rama – Mosey around parking lot with some high knees, butt kickers, karaoke, lateral steps thrown in.  Circle up – SSH IC x 20, Hillbillies IC x 15, Windmill IC x 15, Mountain climbers IC x 15.


The Thang – Mosey across street to the medical parking lot, partner up.  First set of partners picks and exercise from the bucket, everyone else performs that exercise while the partners who picked the exercise run a lap around the medical building.  Next pair picks an exercise and they run, etc…  until time is called.

Exercises (not in exact order)


180 degree Burpee

Man Maker Burpees

Jungle Boy Squats

Diamond Merkin

Bear Crawl

Burpee Broad Jump

Hand Release Merkin

One legged Burpee


Shoulder Tap Merkin

Leg Lifts


Low Dolly

Low Flutter


Crunchy Frog

Pretzel Crunch


Crab walk

Mason Twist

Bonnie Blair


Q calls 25 Merkins to finish things out.


Mary – Homer to Marge, Freddie Mercury, Pickle Pounder, J-Lo


Prayers – All those battling depression, praise for Oliver’s healing, praise for TT’s new 2.0 and continued good health.



Creek Cleanup this Sat (2/13) from 8 AM – 9 AM

Can Can food drive / work out 2/20


Mole Skin: I was a little surprised at how fast the “hard” bucket was emptied, which actually made the hard exercises (mostly upper body) even harder and then made the “not so” hard container also harder because there were a lot of Abs exercises in a row.  Perhaps I should have called this one “Screw your neighbor”.

Always a pleasure leading you men.

Big Blue

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