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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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Mental Battle and Sparknut’s 7 year!

  • When: 2/10/21
  • QIC: Heatstroke
  • The PAX: Sparknut, Jasper, Chachi, Manwich, Love Seat, Hot Pack, Heatstroke

6 men arose to welcome the fairly mild and dry gloom before the deluge begins over the next week.  4 ruckers along with a canine companion and 2 runners.  YHC was rucking but threw out the Haunted P route as a possible running route the night before, and Hot Pack and Love Seat chose the Q’s suggestion.  Love Seat arrived late, but had a good idea where any runners were going, so he was good to go – this is why posting a route ahead of time is helpful!  Anyhow, Manwich, Chachi, YHC, Sparknut and his large pup Jasper rucked the Greenway and the neighborhood.  Good conversation from mental health, dog training, Sparknut’s upcoming move to Salisbury, Chachi’s new job, mountain biking, Manwich’s ineffective blinky light (you actually have to turn it on,) etc..

6 started, 6 returned.  Success.

COT: Prayers for Soprano, AA, Detention’s parents, Sparknut’s move, Chachi’s new job

Mental Battle Moleskin:  Congrats to Sparknut on 7 years of F3!  A true HIM.  I owe the man a lot for EH’ing me into F3, as joining into this brotherhood has easily been one of the best decisions of my life.  A good conversation was had about mental health, especially during this pandemic.  Mental health was already at crisis levels before the pandemic, now it is even worse.  We touched on the social isolation and the toll that is having on our children as well…which makes being a parent that much harder (as it doesn’t really need any increases in difficulty already.)  I am certainly grateful for F3 for giving me a great start to each day with the 3 Fs.  I am also grateful to God as our anchor, who if we place our focus on him and the person he wants us to be, will deliver true peace.



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