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F3 MeCa | February 28, 2021

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The 44 Year Old Virgin

  • When: 02/09/21
  • QIC: Wrong Way
  • The PAX: Life Alert, Chachi, Chewbacca, Golden Boy, Khumo, Sugar, Bouche, Loveseat, MC, Manwich, Whatley, Steel Cannon, Detention, Wrong Way, Heatstroke

15 Warm blooded humans showed up for a balmy February post.  Quick work was made of the disclaimer and off to warm-a-rama


Monkey Humpers IC, IST IC Mosey to the track.


The Thing

4 corners Burpeesx5, WWIIx10, Merkinsx15, Squatsx20

Twice around the track and mosey to the rock pile

Curlsx20, Skullcrushersx20, Pressx20, Curlsx20, SkullCrushersx20, Pressx20

Mosey to Greenway entrance in search of a car.  None was seen Monkey Humpers commenced with no audience.


Group Q started with LBC’s, ended with Side Straddle Hop.  Chachi & Wrong Way were both disappointed that SSH was introduced so late in the game


Pax need to step up and fill empty Q sheet. (although I’m having second thoughts having to do all this homework) Prayers for Soprano, AA and Detention’s parents

Tom Humrickhouse

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