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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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Dawghouse takes the Q at Afton

  • When: 02/06/21
  • QIC: YellowCake
  • The PAX: Shooter, Zaccheus, Bravo, Overdrive, Grassy Knoll, Porto, Audit, Moolah, 4-Wide, Guinness, Kojak, Java, YellowCake, Hop Hunter, Mash, Big Blue, Ringo, Loveboat

I don’t get out to Afton as often I’d like to since I usually do 5 days a week at the Dawghouse.  And I know that the best way to make yourself show up is to sign up to Q. So when I saw HopHunter put out the call for Qs in February, I jumped in.

I put together a playlist of some of my favorite songs from the 80s and 90s.  0700 came, the disclaimer was made, I hit the play button and we launched the workout.

Typical warmups of SSHs, ISTs, Windmills, and Penny Pickers.  At the Dawghouse, we clap on the 4-count of the Penny Pickers.  Apparently clapping on the 4-count is against their religion at Afton. 

1/2 mile run around the park.

Now grab a block and head across the street to the medical building.

Partner workout (socially distanced of course):

P1 does curls while P2 does 50 tricep extensions.

P1 does jumping jacks while P2 does 50 bent over rows.

P1 does kettlebell swings while P2 does 50 chest presses.

P1 does squats with block while P2 does 50 monkey humpers.

P1 does plank while P2 does 50 lunges with block.

Everyone run 2 laps around the medical building.

P1 does people’s chair air presses while P2 does 50 dips.

P1 does WWIIs while P2 does 50 step ups.

P1 does merkins while P2 does 50 pretzel crunches.

P1 does decline merkins while P2 does 50 LBCs.

P1 does incline merkins while P2 does 50 low flutters.

Everyone run 1 lap around the medical building.

Now repeat the workout above, except the # of reps is 25 instead of 50.

Last two minutes we did some stretches since the workout had plenty of Mary built in.

Praises for the toddler who came home from the hospital after an infection.  Praise that Porto tested negative for Covid.

Guys, it was my pleasure to lead today.  Afton feels like home just like the Dawghouse.  Keep up the good work, and feel free to join us at the Dawghouse Mon-Fri at 0530, or better yet, sign up to Q!

YellowCake out!


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