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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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F3-Concord – The triumphant return of Bozeman and Ace

  • When: 2/2/21
  • QIC: LookMeUp
  • The PAX: El AB, Indy, Spud, Skinner, Bozeman, Finish line, Luthor, Tombstone, Catfish, PR, Fire Chicken, Neverland, Hip, Ace, Wham, Deertick

Beautiful morning full of hope and some cold. Per usual Indy and DT got that prized parking spot in the warmth of the parking lot lights.

At approximately 6:30 and 27 seconds we began with a Mosey to bridge for 40 dips OYO

Mosey to steam plant parking lot for some warm up and core focus:
Runners stretch
10 core killers
10 Freddie Merks IC slow
2:00 Plank

Mosey to Mall parking lot where we did that Thang as follows:
Start at edge of parking lot Curbing
At Curb: 3 burpees
1st light post: 12 Lunges (6 each leg)
2nd light post: 12 Merkins (if you wanted to mix it up you could 4 regular, 4 wide and 4 diamond)
3rd light post: 12 V-ups
4th light post: 12 squat samurai kicks
Round it back to curb to start again
Each round increase burpee count by 3. All other reps stay the same.

Mary: Regular stretching stuff.

COT Prayers thrown up for Hops Grandpa and his safe travels to see family to mourn the loss. Sorry brother. Furr family daughter Payton untimely death. Ace Daughter Reece. Praise for my Dad getting out of the hospital and improving each day.

After thoughts (Moleskin just seems weird to me but I get it): First off it was great to see Ace and Bozeman back at it. I know they’ve missed us. And we dedicate this workout to their freedom and ability to get out and join us once again. 2nd off RIP Dustin Diamond aka Screetch. There won’t ever be another show like Saved By the Bell. During the thing the lead group got in to the 6+ full rotations. At first everything was pretty easy but after doing 12+ burpees the lunges wore me out. I got sexy chicken legs. Hate lunges which is why I always try to do some during my Q’s. Tombstone was on fire this morning blazing the front. Group behind him involved Cat, PR, Fuego chicken and Neverland I believe. We got 2+ miles of total running according to Fire Chicken. Solid effort with solid spacing for all. Due to huntin’ season bein’ ‘bout done for dis year we should seeing some more of those sweet souls Indy and DT. Coffee was good and heated. All seriousness I am grateful for all that have reached out in the past few weeks, inquired about how things were going with the family and prayed for my Dad. He was on the edge of getting a tube stuck down his throat and told me face to face that the reason he didn’t have to was because of all those that lifted him up in prayer. He could feel it. When I went to visit him after he got out of the hospital one of the first things he wanted me to do was go to Chick Fil A to get $500 in gift cards to give out to the nurses that worked with him. He wrote a thank you note to the head nurse. He also told me a story of a nurse he connected with that was going through a tough time. He shared some scripture with her that was helpful to a friend of his in a similar situation. Point is he could have really been in a bad mood and carried on with a poor attitude about being in the hospital for 13 days in isolation. But he remained positive and genuinely invested in those that he was surrounded with. I aspire to be like him but am so oft swayed by my own fears, doubts and insecurity. I know many of you are too. I kept telling him there’s hope because we are promised that the sun come up each morning. The same is true in our circumstances and lives. LMU out.

  • On February 3, 2021

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