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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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Return to the Hill Redux

  • When: 1/26/2021
  • QIC: Anvil
  • The PAX: Skinner, Hipbone, Catfish, Homeland, Spud, Tombstone, Wham

Not scared of a little rain and cold and cars and soggy ass and soggy balls. 8 of the hardest MFERs to wear a F3 Concord tri bend t-shirt set out to prove how hard they were. Here’s how it went down


Warm up

Mosey across the street and down Lee Ann Dr to the base of the driveway to Cavalry Lutheran Church

The Thang

Run up the hill
10 burpees
Run down the hill
20 LBCs
Up the hill
9 burps
Down the hill
20 LBCs
Etc, Etc, Reducing burpees by one every  trip up the hill but keeping LBCs at 20 at bottom of hill.
Trips 3,6, and 9 up the hill doing quadromania instead of standard running

Mosey the long way back to Mary



As YHC was pondering what type of beatdown to lead it occurred to me that I could remember the last time we went to Cavalry.  So that got me thinking…about my first trip to the steep winding driveway that at the time was known as Suicide Hill.  So after digging through backblast from August of 2017 I decided to borrow this workout from Trickdaddy… At the time the weather man was forecasting mid 50s and a break in the weather…perfect!  Who would have thought the Accuweather could be so inaccurate?  As I pulled into the rainy 40 degree parking lot I scrambled to come up with a back up plan involving the parking deck  and decided to let the group decide.  Some said deck, some said Cavalry, one said Waffle House then Skinner spoke up with the authority that only comes from years of experience as a principle… So we listened and off to Cavalry we went. It always amazes me how the mumblechatter evolves over the course of the workout… today for example it went from “we’re all going to die” on the run to Cavalry to “this sucks my back is getting wet” during the workout to “can you believe that police officer ran that stop sign” and “just because Billie Jean King beat one sucky male tennis player doesn’t mean….” on the way back.  In the end we all got stronger.  Thanks for always being there and thanks for letting me lead.






  • On January 26, 2021

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