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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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Honoring Hank Aaron mettle and trivia style

  • When: 1/25/25021
  • QIC: Poutine
  • The PAX: Ponyboy, Overdraft, Man Down, Poutine

4 PAX came prepared to swing some mettle while playing trivia game in honor of Hank Aaron.  4 other PAX were there for the Murph and knew about the trivia from last night Slack messages.  Some of the PAX (i.e @man down) did some studying, which clearly showed.  The others, not as much.  It was much warmer than most of us anticipated, so it didn’t take long to break a sweat.  A full disclaimer was given followed by a mosey around parking lot round about with some butt kickers followed by the first trivia question. How many Home Run did Hank Aaron hit?  @man down had correct answer with 755.  So for each correct answer, the PAX can reduce the number of burpees by 1. For a wrong answer, 1 burpee would be added.  We started with 5 burpees since we had 10 exercises times 75 reps each for a total of 750.  Since YHC wanted to get to 755, it made sense to add 5 burpees to come up with total of 755 reps.  We then circled up for Warmarama.


  1. Mummy IC x11
  2. Skiers IC x11
  3. Prisoner Squats IC x11
  4. Weed Picker IC x11

Following warmarama and a total of 44 reps IC, the second trivia question was about what number Hank Aaron wore?  The numbers were all over the place from 7 to 42 (that was Jackie Robinson), etc.  Given that YHC’s warmarama usually starts with 19, then 15, etc, and today all exercises were 11, YHC hinted about the warmarma but PAX still didn’t get it.
Thus far, the PAX have 1 correct and 1 wrong answer.  Burpee count still at 5.

THE THANG – 755 Rep challenge

  1. Curls                                      x75
  2. Swings                                  x75
  3. Squats                                  x75
  4. Upright Rows                        x75
  5. Skull crushers                       x75
  6. Bent over Rows                     x75
  7. Shoulder Press                      x75
  8. Power Plank                          x75
  9. Chest Press                          x75
  10. Dead Lift                               x75

5 burpees

  • Where was Hank Aaron born? – Mobile, AL  – Correct answer by @ponyboy
  • What was Hank Aaron’s legal name? – Henry Louis – Correct on the Henry but missed Louis @man down
  • What was his nickname? – Hammer  – Correct by both @ponyboy and @man down
  • What number did he wear?   – 44 – Wrong answer by all.
  • How many teams did he play for? – 2 – Correct answer by @man down
  • What were the teams he played for? – Atlanta, Milwaukee – Correct answer by @man down
  • How many home runs did he hit? – 775 – wrong answer by all.  760 was not it
  • Which home run record did he break? – Babe Ruth – Correct answer by all (maybe not by @overdraft
  • What position did he play? – Right field – correct answer by @man down
  • How many World series did he win? – 1 – correct answer by @man down who added that it was against his beloved Yankees.  Simply despicable.
  • How many MVP did he win? – 1  – wrong answers by all.
  • A few other fun facts.  Hammering Hank had 15 seasons of 30+ home runs
  • He played MLB with his brother Tommie, which @man down said William (Willie)


  1. KB Low Flutters IC x15
  2. KB W IC x15
  3. Stretches

We did 15 reps IC for both of the above exercises to honor the 15 seasons of 30 HR.  So both exercises of 15 reps for total of 30 reps.  Get my drift?


By this time, @powerball, @shazam, @luigi, @illuminati joined the mettle heads.


  • Great work by the PAX this morning.  YHC was pretty impressed by @man down trivia knowledge.  By the end of the beatdown, the PAX were negative on the number of burpees to do. So it was suggested that YHC perform the difference which YHC agreed and did 5 burpees.  Just because it rounded the number of reps to 755.
  • What was amazing about what Hank Aaron was able to accomplish is the fact that he was able to perform at the highest level while enduring racial slurs, death threats, including threats to his family.  It is amazing that he was able to remain peaceful and not retaliate with the same violence and hate he experienced.  All of that because he was a black man playing baseball.  Think about that for a minute!
  • A few other facts about Hammering Hank, which you can certainly find a lot more in wikipedia.
  • He had 7 siblings, and 6 children on his own.  5 from his first marriage and 1 from his second marriage.
  • By his final MLB season, he was the last Negro League baseball player on a major league roster.
  • Still holds MLB records for RBIs at 2,297, extra base hits at 1,477 and total bases (9,856)
  •  In YHC’s opinion, he is still the HR king since the player who broke his record was also busted for using steroid.  With everyone knowing that the player cheated, Hank Aaron still appeared on the jumbotron to congratulate the guy who broke his record.  Class act once again!
  • Here retired in 1976 and was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1982
  • He was awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002
  • Prayers for @ponyboy friend Mr. Fregga (?? spelling) who passed away at the age of 56 leaving behind a wife and kids.
  • We are still collecting Hope Street Food Pantry donation this week.
  • As we approach February, let’s think about what community project we want to tackle. Given that February is Black History month, YHC suggest we start thinking what we could do to support and/or educate ourself on Black History month.  YHC is a “white” man who grew up in eastern Canada and certainly not a subject matter expert on Black History month.  But the wife and I have been participating in the 21 Day Equity Challenge put together by the United Way. It has been extremely educational and informative.  Again, YHC challenges all PAX to think about what we would like to do in February.
  • Gremlin is this coming Saturday. Still time to sign up.
  • It was fun this morning!
  • As always, a pleasure to lead.



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