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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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Confusion at the End

  • When: 01/25/21
  • QIC: Big Blue
  • The PAX: 4-wide, Iron City, Pooter, Zacchaeus, hop hunter, major pain, Tugboat willie, Opie, turbine, claw, Porto

A warm 45 degree January morning provided for a great start of the work week run/ruck Monday.  6 runners and 6 ruckers showed up to get their week started off right.  I had hinted the night before that I would be looking for elevation gains to help with my Strava “climb” challenge and 12 men did not let that scare them off.  After explaining the route we would be taking to the Ruckers (only 1 of which was listening) off we went.

The loop started up Nolen Ave, around the Gazebo through the alley by 9-rounds, up mount Afton and back down, down Fetzer Ave, Rt on Burck and back up Nolen.

The runners pushed through 3-6 laps and got in 4-6 miles.  As we gathered up the six, Hop made the mistake of asking if we had time to run back the “normal” way home within ear shot of Major Pain.  I looked at my watch and thought we really didn’t have time.  Hop split off to make sure we found Tug while the rest of us headed back.  Unfortunately Major Pain followed Hop (instead of following the 4 others) so when we circled back to pick up the 6, Major Pain was no where to be found.  This is where confusion set in.  Anyway, some of the group headed  back while Hop and I started running around trying to find the Major.

This caused us to be 4 minutes late back to the parking lot which was more than enough time for all the ruckers except 1 to be gone.

We will be taking up a collection to get Major Pain some sort of light/vest as trying to find a guy running in the dark wearing all black is not an easy task.  It seems that we are searching for Major Pain more than most others which may be because of his lack of visibility.  If he refuses to wear the light/vest we buy him, we will have to find a way to attach it to him so he does not know.  Suggestions are welcome.


Announcements – Gremlin this coming Saturday – 1/30/21; COVID safety protocols will be in place, sign up.

Prayers  – For all those requesting our prayers and all those who need our prayers but are afraid to ask.  Praise for all God’s blessings and we ask to help our steps by guided by the Word.

Big Blue

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