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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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Can someone help me see this?

  • When: 01/25/2021
  • QIC: Rerun
  • The PAX: Otto, Timeout, Grassy Knoll, Loveboat, Yellow Cake, Honey Do, Rerun, Overdrive (aka BTO)

On past Q’s, YHC has taken time to type out the beatdown usually in large font that won’t require glasses to read it. Well today YHC had a hand written Q sheet along with some Dollar Tree reading glasses to assist. Let’s say YHC may have looked like a professor with the black rim glasses but when they fogged up it was like being in a clapping contest with one hand. 7 others kept YHC company this chilly morning and made the choice to get stronger. Let’s go to the courtyard:
Two laps around outer edge to warm up:
-Penny pickers
-mountain climbers
The thang:
Sets of 3 exercises, increase reps by 5. After 1 set, move to the other side of the courtyard and complete 10 merkins/20 LBC then walk back to for next set.
Round 1
5-10-15 bell swings
10-15-20 curls
15-20-25 squats
Lunge walk between sets (with coupon)
Round 2
5-10-15 dead lift
10-15-20 shoulder press
15-20-25 sumo squat
Bear crawl between sets
Round 3
5-10-15 thrusters
10-15-20 chest press
15-20-25 calf raise
Squat walk (with coupon)
Round 4
5-10-15 lawnmowers
10-15-20 upright row
15-20-25 sumo squats
Farmers carry (with coupon)
Strong work by the PAX and the rain held off. Knocked out 120 merkins and 240 LBCs plus 4 sets of kettle bell work. Shout out to Grassy Knoll for the assist with reading the Q sheet. We also unloaded 12 nice new cinders ready to be used so let’s do this again on Friday (that’s a hint).

-Gremlin this Saturday
-prayers for Loveboats niece in PHD testing


Kirk Schultz

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