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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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Times Tables

  • When: 01/21/21
  • QIC: Spud
  • The PAX: Homeland, Tombstone, LMU, BCR, Private Ryan, Skinner, Wham, Psycho T, Fire Chicken, Mayweather, Hops, Spud

11 men joined the Q in a mathematical excursion that left everyone satisfied and smiling.  It was cold, but not THAT cold.

warm up

  • Mosey to drag strip, AKA Lee-Ann Drive with dentists and accountants a plenty.
  • SSH x 20 (4c)
  • Hillbillies x 15 (4c)
  • Loose Change x 10
  • Arm god sun circles


  • Start with an exercise at each of the 4 lightposts:
  • 2 burpees, 5 Core killers, 10 dry docks, 15 squats
  • Run all the way back
  • Repeato, but multiple reps at each station by the round you’re on. Round 2 = 4, 10, 20, 30, Round 3 = 6, 15, 30, 45 and so on and so forth until Mary called
  • Mary called at 0607
  • Mosey back to AO


  • Dying cockroach x 15 (4c)
  • pretzel crunch x 15 each side
  • Low flutter x 15 (4c)
  • Supermans


Prayers for FC’s family, glad to see him back!  Prayers for the Weaver family upon the loss of his dad.  Prayers to LMU’s dad for continued healing.  The Gremlin is next Saturday, please sign up if you’d like to attend.


Fun times this morning.  The workout was uncomplicated but complicated at the same time.  Everyone was solidly gassed, which means the job was done.  YHC got to round 5 with the front runners getting up to Round 6.  Since Java was not here, nobody got lapped.  The beatdown also lended itself well to social distancing, as the fast people naturally separated from the Q and his cohorts, and small groups and/or solo efforts got the job done.

Pray for the country and let’s all get on the same page.  We don’t have to agree but damnit let’s be civil in how we do things.

Glad to see FC back after spending some time with his family mourning his “Old Man’s” passing, we’re here for you brother.

Always a great morning with the crew, and I’m lucky every day that we get to hang out, sweat, joke, cuss a little bit (or a lot a bit for some), and get the guy time that so many never get.



“A Man is like a fraction whose numerator is what he is and whose denominator is what he thinks of himself. The larger the denominator, the smaller the fraction.” -Tolstoy

  • On January 21, 2021

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