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F3 MeCa | April 14, 2021

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What’s Brown and Sticky?…. A stick!

  • When: 01/19/21
  • QIC: Overdrive
  • The PAX: Talladega, Pharaoh, Overdrive, Yellowcake, Habs, Rerun, Uecker, MASH, Torch, Sausage, Wide Right, Dr. Suess, Dial-up, Buck, Timeout, Grassy Knoll, Hokie Pokie

This was YHC’s Virgin Cruise Q.  After the Royal Rumble, YHC decided to keep it simple for the cruise.  What’s more simple than a stick, or twig (per Strava)?  YHC attracted quite the crowd as 10 dawgs headed out to try and set some PR’s while 7 other dawgs decided to get their Ruck on.

Yellowcake was sporting a new crotch light which made the ruckers jealous because the Schwartz was strong with this one.

After running up and down the twig multiple times which had the dawgs panting, we headed back to the dawg house.

-Could use some help administrating, and also taking beer and water donations which will be QC’ed by Dial-up)

Prayer Request
>Yellowcake’s Aunt – she’s in the hospital battling COVID, treatment she’s been given will keep her there for at least 4 more days.
>Tugboat’s Family – 2.0 is recovering from COVID, but doing really well.


Bobby Turner

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