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F3 MeCa | April 17, 2021

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Avoid The Ice and the Rona

  • When: 1/9/21
  • QIC: Luthor
  • The PAX: tombstone; gooney; Trickdaddy; catfish; Private Ryan; el Ab

Despite cold, ice, and a little snow yesterday, 7 gentlemen showed up. On recommendation of El Ab, the Q audibled location to new deck to avoid running on ice

Ran up deck and stretched some at the top deck.

Then commenced to run up and down deck. We stopped every couple floors for some exercises. Started with planks, and added a new exercise at each stop. Stretched legs a little at the end and got a couple uninterrupted deck runs at the end.


Because of the frequent stops, the group stayed together and the chatter was great. Coffee saw 100% attendance and extended time.

We talk about men’s mental health in this group often. We know our camaraderie and the exercise is great for us. Here is another thought…  when my body adjusted to the early mornings of F3, I started waking up early every morning. On mornings I did not post, I immediately liked the quiet solitude early in the morning before my family got up. I thought of it as a poor man’s meditation. Recently, Netflix added a show called “headspace: guide to meditation”. Meditation has a physiological effect the body by quieting the part of your brain where stress and anxiety originates. Never figured this would be my thing, but I like it.

We included Fire Chicken and his family in our prayers as his father’s health is not good. Also everyone currently fighting COVID.

You guys are the best,

  • On January 9, 2021

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