Showed up For Jelly & Got Buckwheat For Breakfast Instead

Last night, YHC was asked to take the Q by @Forgotten Jelly.  I agreed, but didn’t feel like planning anything.  Sooooo, I said what the heck, since @Avalanche didn’t Q Old Glory Tuesday, I’ll impose an oldie but goodie WIB on the Pax #TheVern.  When looking at The Vern exercises, I quickly realized that it was basically Tuesday’s beatdown w/ running instead of bear crawling in between.  Thus, we did a heavily modified Vern instead.

Disclaimer given.  Short mosey followed by Warm-o-Rama.  Modified Vern explained (10 Merks followed by an almost 200M run; 10 Merks + 20 Donkey Kicks followed by 200M run; 10 Merks +20 Donkey Kicks +30 Squats followed by 200M run; 10 Merks + 20 Donkey Kicks +30 squats + 40 mountain climbers followed by a 200M run.  The 80’s Rock Station was tuned and ready to go on The Tailgater and off we went.  Repeato until time is called.

@Vulture crushed four rounds w/ @Hammer not far behind him. YHC knocked out three rounds w/  and @Sizzlean @Buttermaker right there with me.  @ChickenCoop who is on IR crushed his laps and basically modified all exercises to solely core and lower body stuff.  TClaps brother.  Not many people would be out here in the cold two weeks post shoulder surgery.

It should be noted that CMES janitorial staff commented on our small group today, calling all fartsackers out for being scared of the cold (as he walked into the nice, warm school).  Time to get back at it, all you slackers!!  @Blind Date has been cleared to return from IR and we hope to see him next week!

MARY occurred and pickles were pounded in the process.

Prayers for lots of things and specific people were said.

Thanks for joining me this morning, men.  You can blame @Forgotten Jelly for my lack of creativity today!