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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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Brighton Early: Chilly Morning Run 01-05-21

  • When: 01/05021
  • QIC: Blue Crush
  • The PAX: Steampipe, Chum, Delta, Booyah, Mogwai, Toughskins, HeadNShoulders, Crypto, BLC, Third Day and Blue Crush

11 Pax arrived on a chilly morning with the threat of rain on the horizon to push them selves and strengthen their bodies. Booyah introduced himself as the new Site Q and instructions that he will always be running the 6 and at least one shovel flag will be carried along the run/ruck.

The Disclaimer was skipped and the route instructions were given.  The route is to head out from the Harris Teeter parking lot to 51, turn left and head east on 51.  Take a right at 218 and head to I-485.  Turn around at the on ramp and reverse course to the shovel flags.  Keep up with time and if you have note reached I-485 by 5:52 reverse course and return to the shovel flags.  Route distance = 4 miles.

8 Runners and 3 Rockers took off with 3 flags in hand.  6:15 all pax had safely returned to the AO.

Name-O-Rama and COT

Prayers for Gopher, The Body and all Pax recovering form ailments.

Gremlin is coming up.  Sign up and promote around the region.

Thanks for allowing me to Lead such a good group of PAX.




Blue Crush

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