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F3 MeCa | May 5, 2021

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Post Quarantine Passport Comanche Atlas New Year Extravaganza!

  • When: 1/4/21
  • QIC: Heatstroke
  • The PAX: Buckwheat, Vulture, Pongo, Hammer, Buttermaker, Heatstroke

Ok, maybe that BB title is a bit excessive…

Either way, after a 2 week plus absence due to COVID (daughter was positive, but thankfully symptom free) YHC returned to the gloom and also was looking to complete the Passport Challenge this week with 2 stops left.  First stop, a visit to see the fine men of Comanche and why not start back up with a guest Q.  Disclaimer and here is how it went down:

Warmarama: SSH, Windmills, ISTs, KB Windmill (w/o the KB)

The Thang:  Swings and Merkins, then some Deck of Death

Keeping mileage to a minimum today, we start with 11s.  10-1 ladder of kb swings and merkins.  We do various stretching/lunging exercises as we travel the short area of end of parking spots to curb.

Next up, Deck of Death.  No pizza box handy, so the box for the small wall mount somebody got for Christmas would have to do.  Pics got the details:

YHC’s affinity for Turkish Get Ups was not well received:)  The brick pavers didn’t help with that.  We worked until about 0610.

Mary: American Hammers, Low Flutters, LBCs, Rosalitas – all with kb if possible

COT:  Prayers for Kilowatt who is dealing with a troubling irregular heartbeat requiring blood thinners and rest.  Prayers for Uncle Johnny as his body is riddled with cancer and is going through a second chemo treatment.  Prayers for our world as we continue to deal with this pandemic.

Moleskin:  Well done brothers!  Thanks for the warm welcome.  Having not worked out save for a few runs for the last two weeks plus…I’m probably going to be feeling this one…frankly I would probably be feeling it from just about any workout:)  The “stretching” at the beginning was being mentioned as harder than the actual KB exercises…well they were practically lunge variations, so fair. My shuffling skills clearly are flat out bad as it felt like we largely did KB swings and Turkish get ups for most all the exercises during DOD.  Vulture’s no hand turkish get up is not really fair to the rest of us old folks.  He also went full Nostradomus and predicted the Joker at one point.  The workout must have affected the synapses in Buttermaker’s brain as he called himself Buttercup during namearama…I’m sure everyone will forget that.  Overall, I was very impressed with the form shown today, particularly with the swings – it’s all in the hips, little to no shoulder activation.  Great to see some of the seasoned veterans Buckwheat, Hammer and Pongo out there leading the way as usual.  Enjoyed it brothers!  Aye!



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