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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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Ending on a good note

  • When: 12/31/20
  • QIC: Kojak
  • The PAX: Viper, Pancake, Clueless, JD(R), Birdcage, Practice(R), Tumbler

I think it was pretty safe to say that most want to get 2020 over with but 7 mighty dudes joined YHC to finish the year off strong.  Guess the other guys were still in the fartsack dreaming of tonight’s celebrations.  The whole Witte crew showed but only 3 would stick around for the man workout.  The clock hit 0530 so off we went.  It went kinda like this……..



SSH x 20

IST x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Toy Soldiers x 20

Hillbillies x 20



3 rounds of 20 Dips/Derkins and run to the stop sign and back.

3 rounds of 20 Rocky Balboas/Mountain Climbers and run to the stop sign and back.

3 rounds of 20 Donkey Kicks/People’s Chair Air Presses and run to the far curb and back.

1 round of suicides with 20 Jump Squats at each line.


No time for Mary(sorry Practice)


Count-off and Name-a-rama





–Tclaps to Birdcage for the pre-run.  He’s been so consistent with the pre-runs that it’s odd not for his car to be there before everyone else.

–It was a first for YHC to see all 3 Witte boys at a beat down.  Then Espresso broke off to go for a run but Viper and Pancake stayed around for the fun.  Clueless made sure they got all their reps in.

–Speaking of Pancake, he may “race” you without you even knowing it and then brag to you about winning.  Was that how it works Birdcage?

–Both of the Respects were out there passing the youngsters and showing them how it was done.  YHC thinks JD is getting back in the beat down groove.

–Tumbler didn’t show any side effects from his Demon Deacons losing yesterday and breezed through the work.

  • On December 31, 2020

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