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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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Pox gave to me…5 exercises

  • When: 12/29/20
  • QIC: Pox
  • The PAX: Pox, Chachi, Master Po, Marie Calendar, Firestone, Sugar,

7 Stoners decided to start the 5th day of Christmas off Rolling Stone style.  The beatdown went something like this with Pox rolling in exactly at 530, so after the disclaimer at 531 the Pax set out:

Mosey to front of elementary school for warm-o-rama: SSH, Pennie pickers, tempo squats, tempo merkins, air presses, mountain climbers, windmills, and a few other things.

5-days of Christmas, inspired by “five golden rings”: Q sings out “5 exercises”, the Pax performs the five and then does the following: 4 jumping squats, 3 SSHs, 2 plyo lunges, 1 burpee.  We moseyed the grounds performing the following and possibly more:

  • mosey to wall in front of school: 5 Derkins
  • mosey to curb: 5 incline merkins
  • mosey to covered wall: 5 balls to wall with merkins
  • mosey to bench near greenway: 5 dips
  • mosey to greenway entrance: 5 monkey H’s (IC) – we miss you HS
  • mosey to little hill in front of middle school: 5 crawl-bears up the hill
  • mosey to front of middle school: 5 step-ups
  • 5×5 air presses
  • mosey to stairs: 5 bear-crawls up the stairs, return via mosey on second set of confusing stairs
  • mosey to little hill: 5 sets of 5 LBCs and WWIIs (top and bottom of hill)
  • pick-up rocks: 5×5 curls, 5×5 extensions, 5 4 count thrusters (switching rocks each time)
  • mosey back towards road: 5 L&R uneven merkins on curb
  • mosey to sidewalk: 5 inchworm merkins
  • mosey to greenway entrance: 5 monkey Hs in honor of HS
  • Mosey to bench:5 dips

Jailbreak to Mary: pretzel crunch and a few others to make a 5-4-3-2-1 Mary

MS: great to lead this am, glad we are all clear now on what is meant by 12 days of Christmas and why today is the 5th day of Christmas

Prayer requests and one answered prayer (ask Firestone).


  • On December 29, 2020


  1. I may have missed some reps, but by my count we did at least 15 5-4-3-2-1 sets. Anyone record our distance?

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