Basketball is Life!

Ahoy! 7 pax answer the call of a sports themed beatdown.  The sport was basketball.

The Thang:

Warm-up COP: SSH, IST, Penny Pickers, Don Quixote, Mountain Climbers, and Mericans

Disclaimer that we’re not 17 anymore, well except for @LilBuddy, so be careful not to get hurt or hurt anyone else when the competitive juices start flowing.

We did various basketball warm-up drills and exercises, including: lay-up drill, 3-man weave, suicides, bobby hurleys, free-throw shooting contents with burpee penalties, 3 on 2 – 2 on 1 drill, etc. The real reason for for all the drills and exercises was to scope out the talent because the last 15 minutes was spent playing half court 3-on-3.

Game Notes:

  1. @Stash had to leave early so that left 6 of us for the main event. Too bad because YHC had on the referee shirt and was ready to sit back and officiate, and @Stash proved to be a clutch shooter during the free-throw challenge so I would have liked to see him play. #nexttime
  2. YHC and @LilBuddy chose teams and the split appeared to be an even matchup: Skipper/ManDown/Blip vs. LilBuddy/Guinness/R2D2. #sorrythatR2hadtorelivegradeschoolteamselection #someonehadtobelast
  3. @Guinness proved to be a solid 1st selection by @LilBuddy, and although @Blip played down his skills during the warm-ups, he had clutch rebounds and passes throughout the main event. #solidteam
  4.  Team Skipper/ManDown/R2D2 has great potential, but the execution today was lacking. The hustle was there, but we never quite got on the same page offensively. @R2D2 played shut-down defense on @Blip, and @ManDown held @Guinness to just one basket. @LilBuddy proved to be the star of his team with 3 scores. #whowassupposedtobeguardingthekid?
  5. We counted each basket as 1 point and the score was 4-0 heading into the 0615 ending time. So, to try to sacrifice the efforts of his team, YHC calls out, “next basket wins!”  After a few fruitless possessions by each team, @ManDown decides to take matters into his own hands.  While standing at the top of the key, he checks the ball, and announces that he is going to end it with a 3-pointer…one second later…swish!  #gameover
  6. COT and prayers


Coach Skipper