More KBroga on a Delayed Opening This Time

With @Buttermaker opting to skip ATLAS to “sleep in,” I decided to take the Q and change our start time to 0630.  This didn’t deter @Buttermaker from sleeping in as I thought it might….  BUT it did get the rest of the regular ATLAS Stoners out of the fartsack and we put in work after some Broga.  YHC is old and tight, especially on Mondays, so I selfishly started off w/ some stretching.  The older Pax (myself included) appeared to like it while @Vulture (13) was above it and basically watched us stretch.

Warm-o-Rama: SSH’s, IST’s, LSS’s, Michael Phelps, Shoulder stretches, Penny Pickers, and Windmills.

The Thang:  20 reps of basically everything:  Curls, outhouse curls, goblet squats, sumo squats, good morning’s, lawnmower pulls, Dutch cucumbers, High Pulls, Shoulder Presses, KB Swings, Floor to Shelfs, Clean and Presses, Halo’s, Figure 8’s, derby double taps, LBC’s, Pullovers, Chest Press, Skull Crushers, Triceps Extensions, and Squat Thrusts.

Followed that up w/ a little Mary, COT, announcements and prayers.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…  @Hammer showed up early and knocked out a mile run.  Bet y’all didn’t see that coming!  TClaps brother!

Peace and love to all.  Hoping for a healthy and prosperous New Year for everyone!