Chilly Post Christmas Run at The Valley

The Thang:

Four men ran 6.4 – 17 miles this morning.


Freezing but also sweaty moleskin:

This morning as I went through my usual morning routine, I wondered who all would show up to log some miles with YHC. I wouldn’t have blamed men for sleeping in this morning. Let’s be honest…waking up to run at 5:30am the day after Christmas in 18° when most are on vacation isn’t exactly at the top of most men’s lists of desirable activities. However, as I parked and stepped outside to get warmed up, Stash was parking next to me. Stifler joined a few minutes later and we were off. The first thing my watch did was restart itself, which I thought would be a sign of things to come during this run, but that bad luck never materialized. What (or who) did materialize was Gentle Grizzly, who had told us the day before to have fun in the cold, as we were finishing the second route.

When I first started F3, two things kept me coming back for more. The first was seeing men older than me crush runs and workouts with ease, which made me want to be like them one day (looking at you SS Minnow, Chowder, Moses, etc). The second was the absolute craziness of it all. There’d be many times that we would do something that I thought was crazy/borderline impossible, but we’d always end up pushing ourselves just a little bit farther than we thought we could go. Both of these things are what I think separated F3 from other organizations. That desire to seek out and overcome the hard things…and over the years, F3 has evolved to provide many opportunities for us to do that. Whether it’s a 100+ burpee workout, a long run in sub freezing temps and/or rain, a rucking event over multiple days and little sleep, gears, kettlebell…all are chances for us to discover/create and overcome obstacles that are unique to us. Or, in other words…to Accelerate…since we do not stay the same but only get better or worse. It’s in those moments of struggle where we grow and find success.

Running/working out in the cold hurts and is not easy. And that’s exactly why we should be drawn to those things. They serve as training to make us better as men so that we are able to deal with other things in life that also hurt and are not easy. We used to say something like, “work out in the winter to become a mutant to those who wait until it’s warm to come back out!” But I think it goes beyond the cold and is more about becoming so durable that very little can phase you…and the only way to do that is to seek out the hard things and do them.


Stash reached a PR distance wise this morning in very cold and less than ideal conditions. T-claps!!!

Fellowship of the Idiots (free 19 mile fun run) on 3/6/21.

Have a good weekend and SYITG!